Australian Shadows

A few years ago I made a quilt, using techniques from the book “Casting Shadows” by Colleen Wise. It was designed with my own block, to use up some of my Australian Aboriginal fabrics, but not to cut them up into really small pieces, so I could continue to enjoy the fabrics.  Here is the quilt:

Australian Shadows

When we were in North Carolina, two years ago, we met Leah Day ( who asked if I was going to release the pattern for this quilt.  At the time, I didn’t think I would, so I gave her permission to make a pattern of it – or, at least, of her version of it.  She did, and we have them for sale on CD-ROM.  I was flattered that she liked the quilt so much that she wanted to make one of her own.  Hers is a little different from mine, but follows the same idea.

Leah Day's version "Fabric Shadows"

We had these CD-ROMs for sale at Houston Quilt Festival this year, as well as my quilt hanging at the booth.  Lots of people were very interested in it (and I even found out that another vendor had Australian Aboriginal fabrics for sale at the show, so I could direct people there to pick up the materials to make it!).

In October, I received an email from Robin Koenig in the San Francisco Bay area who found the quilt in her search of the Internet.  She asked about the dimensions of my blocks, and the details of the quilt, which I was happy to provide.  It was to be a Christmas present for her brother.

Well…. she got it finished before Christmas, and sent me a picture of her quilt.  It’s lovely!  She wants to make another one – this time, for herself!!

Robin's Quilt

I’ve been having a grand time this month, at home in the sewing room, getting so much done!  It’s amazing, when you sit down at your sewing machine, how many things you can get finished in a short space of time.  I’ve completed 2 family baby quilts, a bunch of class samples (including two hand reverse applique pieces for the upcoming Caribbean cruise), and designed a new one that I’ll be working on during the coming tour.  I’ll be bringing my sewing machine this time, so I’m not relegated to hexagons alone during our travels. Every time we have a day or two in a hotel, I’ll be sewing my new “Beg and Borrow” blocks from my scrap bag for a queen sized result!  Pictures to follow, when I get it done!

The 5 weeks home is almost at an end, and it’s time to pack our bags again.  Another year, another tour. This year, we’re doing another big swing from here to Florida, and up the Eastern Seaboard.  After we get home, it’s another quick trip to Australia, followed by more work in the US.  John is working on the fall tour now.

All the best to you and yours for a healthy and prosperous 2012.  I hope we can see you at some point along the way.  If you want to know where we are, it’s best to check out the Tour Itineraries on my website: .  Maybe we’ll be singing for you in person this year!

2 Responses to “Australian Shadows”

  1. Linda Parsons Says:

    Happy New Years to yourself and John. I really enjoyed seeing you both at Louise & Bob’s.
    Have a good and safe tour. I look forward to following you on your blog.
    Hope to see you next Christmas in Victoria. We have a ferry to build:)

    • singingquilter Says:

      That’s assuming we’re doing a ferry terminal again. LOL I’ll bet Louise finds something else fun to make with gingerbread by then! It was great to see you over Christmas, too, Linda – till next year, have a great one.

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