Lake Worth Florida

Sometimes, when our visit to a place doesn’t actually coincide with the guild meeting night, we get presented at another venue.  That happened this afternoon in Lake Worth, Florida.

Christine is a huge fan and worked very hard, with Michelle and Eva on behalf of the Hibiscus Quilt Guild, to get people out to see us sing.  It all took place in the sanctuary of the Salvation Army church, and we had over 30 people who came on a warm, cloudy Saturday.  There were husbands there.  It’s always good for John to be able to sing his “Quilters’ Husband’s Lament” with husbands in the room! (AND they joined him in the choreography of “Shop Hopping”, too.)

One of the things that’s great about this sort of event is that the time frame isn’t quite so tight as it is when we sing at a guild.  I was able to do an hour-and-a-half show, extending the stories a bit, showing ALL the quilts, and singing a song or two extra.  More interaction with the audience, too.  It was fun.

It’s always difficult to entice quilters out to anything that isn’t on guild day.  We found that out very early, and it still holds true.  They all lead very busy lives, and are sometimes on fixed incomes, and, if they hear of a “singing quilter” (and don’t know about us already), it can be difficult to convince them to come.  I’m sure the organizers were a bit disappointed with the turnout, but they didn’t show it.  And the people who were there were absolutely fabulous.  The husbands even gave John a standing ovation at the end!! It’s good to take a chance sometimes and trust that the people organizing are truly excited about what they are doing – and you will be too.

So, thanks to everyone for attending the show today, and for organizing it.  I really appreciate all the work involved and your commitment to seeing us perform in Lake Woth. It’s you guys that keep me going!  We’ll see you again in a couple of years.


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