Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, and our time on the Beach

At the Waterloo County Quilters Guild we sang at two meetings in one day: afternoon and evening. This is a big guild with lots of great show and tell.  The Waterloo area is a hotbed of quilting, and just north is one of Canada’s Amish settled areas, where you can still see the horse-drawn carriages on the back roads. It’s not far from where I grew up, in London Ontario.

Between the two meetings, they had arranged for a trunk show from the Ailsa Craig quilt festival.  This was started by a quilt shop in town: Cotton-by-Post, and when the shop was no longer able to continue the festival, the village decided to take it on itself!  Each year they feature quilts and quilters from one country.  Last year it was Holland; this year, Denmark.  The trunk show featured several quilts from Danish artists, and a description of classes the quilters will offer.  One of those artists is the famous Charlotte Yde, who we met many years ago.  She’s very inventive, and I would give my eye teeth to be able to take a class from her.

We crossed the border again in Port Huron.  It never fails that we pick the wrong lane – the slowest.  It took us a while to figure out that the only reason we were moving forward was because cars ahead of us were switching lanes.  When we finally got to the front of the line, our laconic border guard was more interested in chatting than anything else.  Turns out his mom is a quilter!!!

We stopped off with friends and family (my 100 ½ year old aunt in Cleveland) on the way back south.  The winter weather held off and it was only on our approach to our show in Chapel Hill NC that we ran into a blizzard!  (We’ve been VERY lucky so far in the weather department.)

And then we came to the south Virginia coast, where we are now.  It just so happened that our visit here coincided with the Mancuso Brothers’ “Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival” last weekend.  We knew we’d see some friends there, so we had to go!

This is our first time at this show, and we were interested to see how it was organized.  It is all under one roof at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. The quilts are in the centre of the exhibit hall, and the vendors around the outside.  I was struck by how many quilts in the show were hand-quilted – some of the top winners were astonishing! My favourite had to be this quilt by Cheryl See, which was all ½” hexes, with beautiful appliquéd circles and flowers, as well as couched yarns on top. When I saw the 3rd Place Ribbon on this quilt, I couldn’t help saying “What do you have to do at this show to win?”

Not only did we meet up with some of our new friends from Chapel Hill, but we discovered Ami Simms had brought her Alzheimer’s quilted panels, one of which I quilted.  I had to find it – there it was: number 170!

Big hugs all around with Ami, and our friends Cindy and Augusta, as well as Melissa, who organized (3 days later!) an appearance at her guild in Gloucester.

We are just finishing up two weeks of vacation here in Virginia Beach.  I was keen to get some blocks done for my new “Beg and Borrow” quilt, and for the first week I dedicated myself to the paper pieced blocks.  Then I stood up from my sewing machine on Monday and my back said “OUCH”! That was the end of the blocks this week.

The culprits!

I’m on the mend now, thanks to a chiropractor here, and very happy that we had the week off. I am recuperating in a beautiful long-stay suite on the 11th floor overlooking the beach, getting used to the sound of the fighter jets practicing overhead.  From the 11th floor, we can see what they’re doing, how they are practicing their take-offs and landings.  It keeps things interesting!

Next week, we’ll be very very busy, with three concerts and three full-day classes in Mock Mola appliqué in New England. Then the next week: three concerts and two classes.  After that, I’ll need another two weeks off!!!

PS – It has come to my attention that there are lots of “lurkers” on this blog (shout-out to Jenny and Pamela and Wenche!), as well as those who have signed up to have me arrive in your inbox.  Thanks for visiting, and I welcome any comments you may have.


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2 Responses to “Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, and our time on the Beach”

  1. Judy Morningstar Says:

    Now, your encounter with the chatty border guard sounds like the start of a new song! When else has your quilting obsession “held up” your line??? How do the people behind react?

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Judy – I did once start questioning a female border guard at Vancouver International Airport when I found out she was from Hawaii and her family quilted! I was interested to know if they thought it a compliment or sacrilege if someone outside the family made one of their patterns….. She could hardly get in a question to me…..

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