Quilters Newsletter Magazine Article

I’m thrilled to let you know that there’s an article about me in the April/May issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  I met Dana Jones at the Panguitch Quilt Festival last June and she interviewed me for a long time.  I haven’t seen it yet. I remember being quite chatty that day, and I have no idea how she could have boiled down all the things I told her into a short article!!

The same issue has an article about the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival, which we were honoured to sing at last year.  I wrote a song about the story that inspired the festival.  The crops failed during the first year the town was settled, in southern Utah (1864) because of an early winter.  When the food supplies were dangerously low, seven men volunteered to walk to the next town, 40 miles distant, to bring back food to keep them alive until spring.  They set out with a cart and two oxen.

After about 10 miles, it was clear they weren’t going to make it.  The oxen could not get through the snow, and the men battled on through waist-high snow until they, too, realized it was impossible.  They held a prayer circle by spreading their bedding (quilts) on the snow.  While they were praying for guidance, they realized they did not sink in the snow when they were on the quilts.  It was decided that they could achieve their quest by walking on the quilts.

It’s a great story, and it was a great festival.

The rest of the issue seems to be full of Canadians:  my friend Daphne Greig has a new pattern in the magazine, Kathy Wylie’s Founders’ Award-Winning quilt from Houston last year is on the cover, and the hugely wonderful Nova Scotia quilt artist Laurie Swim has a four-page article.

Thanks to Dana for a wonderful issue!! The April/May issue of QNM should be in your newsagent now.


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2 Responses to “Quilters Newsletter Magazine Article”

  1. Pat Halperin Says:

    Cathy, I am the quilter who is going to Indonesia… Emily told me about your recommendation. I have one of your CDs and had no idea that you are a teacher, too. I will follow your blog. AND, what do you know, I see that you are featured in this month of Quilters Newsletter! I don’t think I will get to Denpasar … though I wish I could. My future daughter-in-law has promised me a trip to a batik factory on the island of Java. We go to Bali and Singapore, as well. I will, of course, look for fabric EVERYWHERE!
    Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Patty Halperin

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Patty – I’m sorry you won’t get to Denpasar – it’s really worth the visit! But it sounds like you’ll have a great visit to Java. See if you can find someone weaving double ikat cloth while you’re there, too – it’s amazing!

      I’ve been teaching for several years now, and am really loving it. The Mock Mola class that I’ve been posting pictures of has been very popular, and everyone has produced really interesting and wonderful pieces.

      happy trails, cathy

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