Our busy two weeks

Whew! We’ve finished our busiest two weeks of the tour and are relaxing before our next gig in Dover NH.  If it wasn’t for the extraordinary welcome and hospitality that we received from each and every one of the six quilt guilds we visited, I would have been exhausted by the end.  But I wasn’t.

I think it’s something about teaching as well as doing concerts.  For one thing, it means we get to spend (usually) two days in one place without a big drive between.  For another, I’m sure the energy I get back from my students gives me the ability to do such a schedule without falling over.  Funny – classes are generally a full day long, but I feel better at the end of them than I do after only an hour on stage!!!   Another reason why I’m glad I’m teaching quilting.

We started in Lewes, DE, a really cool seaside town (and the first time we ever sang in Delaware). While I was teaching, John got to walk around a bit and take some pictures.


This is the Zwaanendael Museum, built in 1931 to commemorate the 300th anniversary since the first Dutch settlers arrived.  Lewes is the first city in the first state – very impressive.  And very reminiscent of the buildings we’ve seen in Holland!

We stayed with our new friends, Sue and Bob, who relocated here from New Jersey.  They decided to take the ferry across to get home when they still lived in NJ, rather than driving all the way around, and as they were waiting, they fell in love with the town.  We certainly could see why.

The class was held in the open lobby area of a closed motel.  We set up tables, and had at ‘er!  I’ve already shown you what they got done in the 6 hour class in my previous post.

We drove partway up towards Massachusetts that evening, after the class, so the next day wouldn’t be too onerous.  We were returning to sing in Pepperell – last time we were there was only 2 years ago, and we were happy to return.  We stayed again in a castle-looking Radisson Hotel in Nashua NH, just across the state line.  It’s fun to come home to a castle! I taught a class the next day.

It was a short drive up to Milford the next day.  It took us about an hour to get to our next port of call, and I said to John that this is how most people travel – short drives between gigs.  An hour seems like cheating, to us!! Is this really working??!

We became instant friends with Jeannie, who hosted us in her 100 year old house, which she and her husband moved from its previous location, a half a mile away.  It must have been really something, to see that house on the move! Another show and another class.  I was so sorry to leave Milford/Amherst that I left behind my date book (with the cheque inside….!!!), ensuring we HAD to return to pick it up the next week! Thanks for taking such good care of it, Jeannie!

Our “day off” was a 6 hour drive down to southern New Jersey – another new state for us!  Marmora is on the Jersey Shore, south of Atlantic City, and it must be a real happening place in the summertime.  A bit slow this time of year, which suited us just fine.  They still have very popular seafood restaurants operating, though, and we ate lots of good food while we were there.  I didn’t really have much time to appreciate the sunshine and seashore, though – a full day class followed by an evening concert.  At the end, they presented John with an early birthday cake (chocolate, of course), and me with a guild cookbook – with lots of great-looking recipes!  I’m looking forward to trying some of them out if we ever get home! LOL

We did the whole drive back up to Tewksbury MA the next day, and a show that night too. The Tewksbury Piecemakers decided to forego their meeting and just present us, which was great.  It meant I could stretch out a little bit, do an extra song or two, and tell a bit more story.  Sometimes I find an hour very constraining – I want to sing more songs, tell more stories!  So I appreciated the opportunity in Tewksbury.

And then, our last gig of the week, in Wolfeboro NH.  This also is a small town, right on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee (NH’s biggest lake).  We stayed with Kathy and Frank in their wonderful house right on the shore, in great comfort.  We get to stay in some beautiful places!


This was the view out our window in Wolfeboro

The hospitality of the gals in Wolfeboro was stupendous, and we felt right at home immediately, despite a long drive that morning from Tewksbury to make the 10am meeting. It was, of course, the meeting closest to St. Patrick’s Day, and they pulled out all the green food colouring they could find!


The green cake on the left is lemon, the one on the right is chocolate mint. Yum!


And on these plates are green eggs and ham! First time, for me. Thank you, Dr. Seuss!

After the “Ladies of the Lake” Mock Mola class, we were taken out to dinner by the board, and we felt a great affinity with them.  We could live here, too.  (We could live a LOT of places…..!)


It was an AWESOME class!

So, that was the last two weeks.  We have 4 days off now, before another gig in New Hampshire, in Dover.  We are enjoying some spectacular weather – today was t-shirts and shorts – before we head further north. My sources say parts of Canada are enjoying spring-like temperatures, too.  Winter? What winter?


4 Responses to “Our busy two weeks”

  1. Katina Says:

    It took a move half way across the country, from Estevan Saskatchewan to Halifax Nova Scotia to meet you. Can’t wait, for April 2nd to arrive when you visit our guild.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Katina: Make sure you say hi when you see us!!! That’s quite the move – just to see us??? See you in Mahone Bay!! You live in a wonderful part of the country. We’re really looking forward to getting back there.

      • Katina Says:

        Actually that will be April 3, in Sackville. But I will be in Mahone Bay that weekend for the Maritime Fibre Arts retreat. Woo Hoo.

      • singingquilter Says:

        Have a great time at the retreat. I’m envious – I missed my group’s retreat while I was on this trip, so I’m trying to get some sewing done in hotel rooms along the way, just to make up for it! I’ll look for you in Sackville.

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