Quilting Patterns and a fabulous market

We are back in Canada for a brief time, in one of my favourite places: Nova Scotia!  We have a week off to spend with friends and family before our next gigs in the area: Mahone Bay and Lower Sackville.  So we’re exploring a bit.

Before we left the US, though, we had a night at a lovely B&B in Dover NH.  It is an old Victorian House, with much original decoration indoors.  We stayed in the Silk Room, with original silk covering the walls.

Original silk wall"paper" from the 1840 era house.

I saw quilting designs everywhere in this house!

It was a wonderful visit to Dover NH, with lots of positive response from the gals at the Cocheco Quilters Guild.

Now, we’re enjoying our time in Halifax.  I haven’t spent time in the city proper for many years, and they have done some major changes.  The thing to do on a Saturday morning is go to the market at the pier, so that’s what we did.  It’s at the fairly new cruise ship dock, and  it is certainly a happening place!

This is a large indoor marketplace with food, crafts, wines, and farm produce.

It is a wonderful thing to be met at the entrance by a couple of Celtic musicians.  They were so popular that the audience even got involved – see the blur of this little boy’s legs, as he clogs along with the tune!

We found a booth run by Laurie Swim’s son, featuring her quilts.  Laurie was featured in the latest Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine, along with me and the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival. She has been a famous art quilter in Lunenburg for the last 40 years – it’s about time she was known everywhere!  We’re hoping to be able to meet her in a week or so.  It was wonderful to see some of her quilts at the market today.

 We had a bite of “breakfast pizza” and coffee before we left the market.  The building is right on the pier, and as I looked out, there was some exciting traffic.

We’re bound to find some more interesting things to tell you during the next week.  Hoping to get a visit in to Louisbourg, up in Cape Breton before we go, even though it’s off-season, they have winter hours.  We’re at least 2 months early on all the tourist traps being open.  But that’s okay, we’ll continue to find the stuff that the locals know about.

3 Responses to “Quilting Patterns and a fabulous market”

  1. pathalperin Says:

    I keep feeling “threads” of connection with you! I grew up in E. Kingston, NH (very close to,Dover). AND, we visited Nova Scotia by RV a couple of summers ago. Lovely. We had dear friends (one of whom is a quilter) visiting us a week ago who are from New Brunswick! Enjoy your time in the Maritime Provinces.
    Patty Halperin

  2. Katina Says:

    While I was attending a machine quilting class, my husband was at the Seaport Farmers’ Market. If you made it upstairs you would have seen the awesome sports themed bird houses he makes. He also had my quilted bags etc with him. The Maritime Fibre Arts retreat is on this coming weekend at Oak Island, Mahone Bay. Bet you would enjoy stopping in.

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