AQS Paducah winners

Just a quick note to you this evening.  John and I are packing to leave tomorrow morning to drive back to Wisconsin, where we’ll continue our tour.  After a bit of stress yesterday (thanks to my quilting bee, the Spool Board quilters, for allowing me to vent!) it’s all go today.  There are no more weeds that I can pull until we return home.  No more laundry, cleaning, cooking or last minute quilting projects.  What got done, got done.  What didn’t will have to wait. (btw: that’s NOT to say there aren’t any more weeds to pull!)

Do you remember the blog I wrote after we visited the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia in March? ( I was very excited about a rainbow hexagon quilt by Cheryl See that only got a 3rd place ribbon?  I remember saying to myself: “What do you have to do to win a ribbon around here?”

Well, I’m DELIGHTED to tell you that Cheryl won big at Paducah this year! She won the Hand Workmanship Award and I couldn’t be more delighted.  This means everyone will be able to see this remarkable quilt in the AQS Museum in Paducah – it goes into their collection now.

I hope I get to meet Cheryl sometime in our travels. She lives in Ashburn Virginia, and we should be back there in 2014.  She’s an inspiration to all us hexaholics everywhere!

To see all the winners, watch the video here

Happy quilting, everyone, and cross your fingers that we get good weather across the mountains!

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2 Responses to “AQS Paducah winners”

  1. Pam Pembo Says:

    Thanks so much for the link Cathy – the quilts are breathtaking!!

  2. Daphne Greig Says:

    Safe travels you two. Sorry I didn’t get to see you when you were back home!

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