Large Scale Printing on Fabric

On our way through International Falls MN yesterday, I spotted a “Quilt Show” sign on the road.  “TURN RIGHT NOW!” I cried, and John drove an extra block before I talked him into it.  We walked into the Whispering Pines Quilt show and spent an enjoyable hour looking at quilts.

I stopped in front of a remarkable quilt – it looked like a photograph!  The label said it was a whole cloth quilt, and yes, it was a photograph, but HUGE!  I’ve printed on fabric before, using the EQ sheets that fit through my inkjet printer.  They are letter sized, and they work really well.  But what if you want to print something bigger?  That’s what the woman who made this quilt did!

As we lingered in front of the quilt, a woman who had been sitting with other quilters at a table behind me joined us.  She introduced herself as Val Sjoblom, “On a Wing and a Prayer quilting” and she was the maker of this quilt. I was able to ask her how she did it.  She bought a large format printer for this very reason, and now offers this (as well as longarm quilting services) to her clients.   She can use a normal 300 dpi photograph (on a minimum 10mm camera), and blow it up to fill a 45″ roll of fabric – WITH NO PIXELLATION.  It was a really clear photo on the fabric.  She specializes in printed shower curtains, printing on polyester fabric, but can also print on cotton.

In fact, this quilt started its life as a shower curtain too. She realized two days before the show that she had been working so hard on everyone else’s quilts, that she didn’t have anything of her own to enter.  So she took down the shower curtain, trimmed off the grommets, layered it on her longarm machine, and quilted AND bound it in time for the show!

Here’s the quilt.

Val Sjoblom and her quilt

I think this is a wonderful idea, and I’m so delighted to find out about this service.  If you’re interested, there’s lots of info on her website.

Val, it was great to meet you, and look forward to seeing you again next time we’re through the area!



2 Responses to “Large Scale Printing on Fabric”

  1. Val Sjoblom Says:

    Thank you Cathy – for the recognition- WOW– After you and John left — I was so mad at myself for not getting a picture of you two by my quilt – I knew my friends would never believe me !! But your blog now proves it !! I wasn’t dreaming !!
    Yes – if your interested in large custom photo’s , my website is “” and my email is “ or
    ph 218-240-1078
    Can’t wait Cathy & John till we meet again !!

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