Quilt Canada winners

Although we were not able to attend Quilt Canada in Halifax this year, I am very happy that pictures of the winners have been posted by CQA.  There are some familiar names in here, but lots of new-to-me names, too!

Make yourself a cup of your favourite hot brown drink, and enjoy!


John and I are heading over to Sequim WA next week for a concert and class in Mock Mola applique, then we’re going to start packing for our month in Australia!  The main reason is to attend the SCQuilters’ retreat (Southern Cross Quilters are the on-line quilting group for Australia and New Zealand).  We’ll be singing on Friday night. On Saturday night, we’ll all be dressing up in black and white with “bling” (tiaras are encouraged).  I’ve found a dress I bought 30 years ago in the back of my closet, that I only wore once.  I felt so exposed when I wore it, that I never wore it again, but never could get rid of it.

I’ve just tried it on – and IT FITS!!!! (woo hoo!!!) (it is a little stretchy….)

The retreat is in Queensland, where it’ll be warm, so I should be okay wearing this very cool dress (not much fabric on the top!)  I’ll wrap myself up with a sparkly wrap and hopefully that will cover me enough…  I will be among friends.

Now…. about the tiara….

(I MAY post pics from the event, but only if they aren’t too embarrassing!!!)


5 Responses to “Quilt Canada winners”

  1. Sally (from Marchcroft) Says:

    I’m sure that you’ll look lovely in the dress. All eyes will, of course, be on your tiara-topped head. As to the exposing angle, well, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee already sports the Harlot tag (www.yarnharlot.ca); you’ll have to find one of your own. Cheers to you and yours.

  2. quiltbat Says:

    Take lots of pictures for us!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Definitely – we want pics!

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