Our Visit to the Lavender Capital of North America

We just came back from a lovely quick visit across the Strait, singing for the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Club.  When we go on tour, we almost always have a ferry ride to get there (we live on an island, after all), but it’s usually followed by days of driving.  This time, we got off the ferry and had a short, picturesque half hour drive to Sequim.

I think I’d like to join this guild!  It’s quite large (there were about 100 in the audience), but we were received with much warmth and hospitality.  They’re also into some cool things:  there was a great display of “rooster ribbons” for the upcoming bird challenge (make a quilt with a bird on it – AND some polka dot fabric).  Nina has worked her magic on making these “ribbons” – 3-D dolls, heavily embellished and uniquely quirky. I’d join the guild just to win one of these!

Nina with her rooster ribbons

Roosters for the winners

Everyone who enters the challenge will go home with one of these little chirpers.

If this isn’t a way to get increased participation in a guild challenge, I don’t know what is!  The competition in this guild will be fierce, though; there are lots of members who are award-winning quilters.  During show and tell, there were TWO new quilts shown by two members who had just been juried into the Houston show.  They are both “contenders”, IMHO.  During the meeting there were also several quilts presented to local organizations which will use them as fundraisers during the upcoming Lavender Festival.

After the show we had the afternoon to look around town a bit.  I had the yarn shop on my list to visit (I think I’m getting into needle felting next…..).  It’s called A Dropped Stitch, and they just participated in National Yarnbombing day on June 8th.  All around the shop, as well as on the main street downtown there was evidence of yarnbombers at work!

Outside A Dropped Stitch

Outside the cafe on main street – very colourful post skirts!

A yarnbombed bike rack – my favourite!

Classic yarnbombing.

Maybe next year I can do some myself!

Yesterday I taught a Mock Mola class to the Sunbonnet Sue group.  We had a great day, and there were some really creative designs.

At the end of the class

I’m still amazed and delighted at the lovely pieces in every single class of this technique I teach.  It seems that everyone, from beginners to advanced art quilters, can get something beautiful from this simple technique. And it’s amazing where people get their inspiration and what they will do for a design!  Kathleen actually took the shirt off her back so she could draw her Kokopeli twins:

And what a GREAT use of this rainbow fabric!

A mother and son team – both lovely!

Here’s a great example of how a “mistake” can result in a wonderful piece – can you see the moon face?

Before we hopped on the ferry home, we were invited to stop by Sue Nylander’s workshop.  Sue took my class and brought some absolutely gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics she has done herself.  She’s been teaching dyeing for a long time, and it was a treat to see some of her work. Some day I’d love to spend some “play” time in the dye studio with her!

Sue showed me some of her lovely woven hand-dyed fabric which she uses to make jackets.

And so, we returned home on the ferry (with two cruise ships in town) after our quick visit across the line.  Thanks, Sequim!  See you again sometime.

Victoria Inner Harbour


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3 Responses to “Our Visit to the Lavender Capital of North America”

  1. quiltlady41 Says:

    This was absolutely inspiring. I am really wanting to take the mock mola class. The more I see them the more I love them. Going to be thinking of ideas, just in case I ever get a chance to attend.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Wow! What a delightful guild! And your class looked amazing.

    Always love seeing Victoria’s inner harbour, and it takes me back to that wonderful day we spent with you guys!

    See you VERY soon! Less than 10 days I think! What day are you arriving in Townsville? I’m there from Wednesday arvo. xx

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Michelle – I hope you’re surviving at work until your quilt-cation! Can’t wait to see you. We’re planning to arrive on Thursday. See you at dinner, if not before!

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