Waiting for the 100th Follower!

I notice from the statistics on this blog that I now have 99 followers!  If you get me in your Inbox – THANK YOU!  I’ve decided to offer a prize to number 100 – whoever signs up to receive the blog (click on “Email Subscription” on the right) will receive a free pattern of your choice.  Check out the patterns available on my website: www.singingquilter.com. Click on “Quilting” and “Patterns”. Here are some of your choices:

Australian Shadows – best way to use your Aboriginal/Japanese/African fabric!

Hot and Cold – Mock Mola (raw edge reverse applique by machine)


Green Sea Turtle – hand applique


Slow and Steady Turtle – hand applique

Good luck, everyone. I hope you win! (and it you’re out of the running, maybe you can talk a friend into signing up for the blog – and they’ll give you the pattern as a thank you!)

Back to packing for Australia.  I’ll be blogging about our travels, as usual.

9 Responses to “Waiting for the 100th Follower!”

  1. Becky in KCMO Says:

    I signed up, but I already follow you through google reader, and your sidebar says you 609 followers already!

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Becky: Wow – that’s great! I didn’t know that. I wonder how they’re counting, and why I don’t get that information? Inquiring minds….. (or, maybe YOU have 609 followers?)

  2. Michelle Says:

    I subscribe via a blog reader, so won’t be your 100th …

    But but but! I didn’t know you had patterns! How did I not know this, after admiring your quilts for years in real life!!

  3. Barbara Tricarico Says:

    Am I on yet? If not, add me, add me….!!!! (But I think I’m on.)

  4. Michelle Says:

    Oh fantastic! Because I really love the shadows quilt!

  5. Mary Says:

    My first blog comment here. I heard you speak/sing in Vittoria (Norfolk Quilters Guild) this year…great time. I look forward to following your travels on here.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Welcome, Mary. I remember well our show in Vittoria. And very surprised that I didn’t know about the town before that – after all, I’m originally from London!

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