On our way to Townsville

Okay, I found some new oversized road art on our way north, for your enjoyment!

I don’t think cane toads are this big, but they are this ugly! In Sarina, QLD

We have seen lots and lots of mango groves now, along with the sugar cane.  The whole purpose of road art is to celebrate the area, isn’t it?  Check out the green ant painted on the side – very subtle.  Green ants are pretty, but they bite!

The Big Mango in Bowen QLD

And, of course, you’ve heard about the horrible, poisonous snakes in Australia.  Here’s the Mother of them all!

Big Snake in Ayr Queensland

We have been seeing lots of sugar cane fields, and I didn’t realize before that they flowered.  It’s a bit like pampas grass, with a bigger base.

Raising cane.

We finally have our shorts on, and the humidity is going up.  It’s still only about 22C, but it’s very comfortable.  We have arrived in Townsville for the SCQuilters’ Retreat.  I’ll try to get some good tiara shots!

Let the fun begin!


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