A little taste of the SCQuilters’ Retreat

I have had a wonderful weekend!  103 members of Southern Cross Quilters gathered in Townsville, shed their winter clothes (it’s cold down south!) and played.  Some quilting was done, but not much.  We did have some major hexagon bonding, though.  Here are a few pictures to show you what you missed!

The arrival evening, with my friend Jan. Although it was a bit cool, I still had to wear the frock I bought during our Caribbean cruise – when else could I wear it?

Our illustrious banner!

We with a dinner, then a day of exploring Townsville on our own.  John and I sang at the dinner on Friday night.  That way, we got the “business” part over, so I could just sit, and sew and play!

There was a display of old aprons, and they all had terrific stories – some, over 60 years old! I loved the face on this one.

Lynell and Helen were our Angel Queens, in charge of the Angel/Mortal shenanigans. They were on duty when they had their gear on – check out Lynell’s wings!

There were lots of us doing hexagons and English paper piecing at this retreat – also lots of knitters.

Michelle had her 1 inch hexes neatly piled in a tin.

Ann was doing a really complex English paper piecing pattern – I’ve never seen this one, it’s based on a very old design.

Helen (when she wasn’t an Angel Queen) was working on her QAYG hexes.

Twisted Hexagons – beautiful!

And beautifully done little Apple Cores! (they gave them another name during retreat, which is not repeatable here…..LOL)

On Saturday night, we all got dressed up with our black and white (and polka dots, if we had them) and BLING, and hopped on the ferry across to Magnetic Island. We started with a bus tour around the island, and finished with a dinner, trivia, prizes, and fun. On the half hour ferry ride across, the other patrons really didn’t know what was going on!

Jan and Stephanie showing off their best bling. Check out Jan’s tiara!

Even I donned a tiara for this – and I was able to hide the VERY revealing dress with a B&W blouse I had. It was warmer, too. With my friend Michelle from Canberra.

The bus tour stopped at a dead end where there were lots of rock wallabies!  Very cute, about the size of a large squirrel, for you in North America. But taller.

The end of the day on Magnetic Island. Beautiful sunset!

And that’s all I can say about the Retreat.  After all, what happens at the retreat STAYS AT THE RETREAT!!!


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4 Responses to “A little taste of the SCQuilters’ Retreat”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Miss you already! Have just come back from the most wonderful shop hop. And on the way there I realised I never bought the shadow pattern from you! After all that. Wonder if we can work something out? When
    Are you back in Sydney? (we’re there weekend 21-22 July)

    • singingquilter Says:

      Michelle – I’ll pop one in the post for you. Guess what I did on Monday? I climbed Castle Mountain! (but John was waiting at the top with the car – should have done that for you). Beautiful, and well worth the climb!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Yes! Well done! Isn’t it the most beautiful walk? I got very distracted by the view. Good idea getting John to wait at the top. The walk down was what killed my hips!

    Email me your Aussie bank account details if you have them, though would you? I don’t want a freebie!

    (Have just spent a lovely evening hexing with a friend. I showed her your maze quilt and told her I was going to make one too – have just ordered the 1.2 inch papers)

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