And next – Birmingham!

Hello. Thanks for reading.  We are on our way to Colorado for a taping of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson just now.  I’m very excited about this show – just got my nails done today in preparation!  (and that’s only the SECOND time in my life I’ve had a professional manicure – the first time was when I was on “Simply Quilts” with Alex waaay back in 2002!)

When we return from the taping, we’ll be packing for our next exciting adventure – ENGLAND!  We’ll be singing at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, and I’ll be teaching three classes in NOTAN design.  Unfortunately, there are no spots left in the classes, but you can still attend the concert on Thursday at 5:15pm.  If you go here: and follow the links to Festival of Quilts 2012, Academy workshops and lectures, you will be able to order tickets for this event.

I just heard from a good friend over there who said what a shame it would be if I came all that way and didn’t have a sold out audience.  So she’s telling all her friends about it.  (Sometimes people who have never heard us in person don’t think it’ll be something they’ll like, only to hear about it afterwards – too late!) 

There are only 72 spots left. If you have quilting friends in the UK, or even in Europe, maybe they are coming to Birmingham (post- Olympics, of course). Let them know that we’ll be there!

Thanks. And I promise to report on our adventures more completely when I get a minute!

One Response to “And next – Birmingham!”

  1. Deidre Walker Says:

    You will be great. Have a wonderful time.

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