Daleah’s Mock Mola Quilts

I’ve been very quiet lately – we’ve been home almost two months (except for a couple of quick trips) and I’ve been working hard in my studio.  It’s GREAT!

I just wanted to share with you the work of one of my students from Edmonds WA. Daleah took the Mock Mola class three weeks ago, and just sent me pictures of SEVEN quilts she’s now made with the technique!!!  If you needed any further proof that this is a fast and easy and fun thing to do, this should be it.  She’s done some really lovely work.

This was the first one, done and completed in class. Her table mate did the same pattern, but cut it opposite, so she had the tree in colour and the background black.

Then she went home and started playing. She tells me that most of these are fat quarter sized pieces, except for the last one, which is larger and uses a second colour underneath the black overlay.

I had to look for a while before I saw the elephant, but he’s there.

I love the movement of this wave! It has a second colour for the frame.

This is a great choice for a Mock Mola design!

Then she started trying out some Notans. The hummingbirds are kissing….

Another Notan design by Daleah. Very effective!

The final one is a tropical scene with a second colour added for the palm trees. I love this one! Lots of motion, minimalist lines that infer the rest of the picture.

Daleah did some great work, and I want to thank her for allowing me to share these pictures with you.

I’m inspired, are you? Now: back to the studio!



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    Bonjour de France,du beau travail ,bravo a toutes .Doux week end

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