Magazine Giveaway and Story Challenge

The folks at Quilter’s Connection magazine sent me a couple of extra copies of the latest issue which includes with my pattern for the Mola cushion using hand reverse applique.  I’ve decided to give them away: one on my Facebook page, and one here.

The issue is called “The Travel Issue”, because it features stories about quilts from Africa, batiks from Indonesia and a pattern for a table mat made using sashiko, as well as my Mola article (Panama).

Where is your favourite quilty place in the world to visit? Is it Cairo, where the Tentmakers create dazzling appliqued works of art?  Or Bali, where you can seriously exceed your luggage weight limit with all the batiks you bought on Sulawesi Street? Or is it closer to home, in Houston, Paducah, Sisters or any of the other many many great textile destinations in North America, England, Australia, Canada, etc……

I’ll decide who will win this issue by judging the best story of world quilt/fabric destinations.  You have until St. Nicholas’ Day: December 6th to get your stories in.  Post your story in the comments below, so that everyone else can read them too.

May the best story win!




5 Responses to “Magazine Giveaway and Story Challenge”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Well……I would have to say my favourite quilty place to visit would be the Textile Museum of Canada, in Toronto! It has interesting exhibitions (including, a few years ago, a wonderful quilt exhibition) and a textile bookshop to die for. I can never resist a purchase…….

  2. Carin Says:

    My place that I would love to visit is the Amish. I realy like their quilts and they make such beautiful little stitches. A friend of mine (who sadly passed away) had visit them a couple of years ago and she keep telling over and over again about their wonderful quilts. So that would be the place for me to visit.

  3. Kate Says:

    I am not really well travelled, so my favourite quilty place to visit is Almonte, ON. It is a small town in Eastern Ontario with a Textile Museum and TWO quilt shops (one of them sells lovely yarn as well). It is a lovely little town, with good places to eat and quaint little stores to visit. A lovely day trip from Ottawa.
    P.S. I was at a concert last night and Chris White says Hi!

  4. Jan Rhoades Says:

    I’m pretty sure my most favourite quilty place to visit is coming up!

    Next year in Brisbane we will be lucky enough to have a quilt exhibition from the British Victoria & Albert museum (V&A) in our own Queensland Art Gallery. The exhibition will also include one of the world’s most important textiles, Rajah Quilt 1841 (which is only shown once per year at the National Gallery of Australia). The quilt was sewn by convict women during transportation to Van Diemen’s Land.

    To say I’m excited is an understatement – I can’t wait.

    Have a look at the link (copy & paste into your browser):

    • singingquilter Says:

      That’s great news, Jan! I’m sure every quilter within cooee is going to be there. I wish I could see the exhibit – it must be a huge job to tour this show. But so exciting to see the Rajah!

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