Story Challenge – only 3 days left!

There are only 3 days left before some lucky storyteller is going to win a copy of Quilter’s Connection magazine. It could be you!

Just send your story about your favourite quilty place in the world (that you would like to visit, or have visited) to me in the comments section below by December 6th.  I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, December 7th. We have a few entries already, and I really appreciate your having taken the time to tell me about your places.  But I know there are lots more stories out there!

I’ll send this magazine anywhere in the world to you.

Here’s hoping you win!

Happy (quilty) trails to you,




9 Responses to “Story Challenge – only 3 days left!”

  1. Anne Mains Says:

    I’d have to say my favourite fabric shopping place was in Durban, South Africa. I went to a conference there whilst living in Nairobi, Kenya and one of the excursions was to the fabric district. We went from warehouse to warehouse where rolls of fabric filled the walls from floor to ceiling. The cottons, silks, batiks were so luscious. We had some of the fabrics in Kenya but definitely not all the color ways. I was in quilters’ heaven.

  2. Katina Says:

    I wish I had a favourite place, but some how I always live too far from anything quilt related. So I guess I’ll dream. From what I’ve seen from quilt newletters that arrive in my in box and all the wonderful quilt shows, I am going to choose The Quilt Show. I would love to watch a taping of the show and meet Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson. My magazine subscription expired, so I didn’t get the newest edition, so hope I win.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Katina – thanks for your story. Having been on The Quilt Show, I know that the audience deserves great kudos – they do a lot of sitting around in a warm studio, waiting for things to happen. Then, when they are on camera, they have to look interested, happy, and enthusiastic – even if there’s nothing actually happening! I hope you get to be there some day.

  3. Marie Cardinal Says:

    I was all ready to go. My son had his home up for sale in Houston but, as real estate goes, surely it would still be there Nov 2nd. I was going to the Quilt Show in Houston!. Roam around all the magnificent works of art, listen to the chatter of quilters wandering the booths, admire the new items, strike up conversations with wandering glazed eyed tourist. Sit down, eat lunch, make new friends, swap ideas. Magic in the wonderful world of fabric, quilts, art…..he sold his house on October 27th, moved two days later…. sigh, I still want to go…

    • singingquilter Says:

      Marie, I so hope you get to go to Houston some year. It’s worth it. What mixed emotions: happy that your son sold his house so quickly, sad that you missed out on your great adventure!

  4. Mary Heard Says:

    Hi Cathy,

    My husband and I lived a retirement dream this year and spent 8 months in France.

    We stayed in in a very small village, La Roche Canillac in the Correze. 169 registered inhabitants, though I think that many of those are not there full time. The most we ever saw together was perhaps 50.

    Anyway I discovered that there was a “local” quilt group in Argentat, 18 kms away.

    About 30 women attended each Tuesday, none spoke English and my French is basic. They welcomed me to their group, admired my work and showed me theirs.

    We would share lunch together, and this was the year for their exhibition, which was good.

    The group was probably like all quilting groups, there was the “mother” who didn’t get much done herself each day but was always there to help and encourage the new quilters or anyone with a problem.

    There was the artist who created wonderful and different pieces and wore wonderful clothes.

    There were the humourists who seemed to set everyone laughing.

    There was the lady who seemed to make caustic comments, however I don’t think she was being unkind, just candid.

    There were a couple of perfectionists, several also rans and a couple of newbies.

    Of course I mustn’t forget the cooks who would bring in a home-made cake, quiche or tart to share

    • singingquilter Says:

      Great to hear from you, Mary! This sounds like a wonderful group. And did your French improve by the end? The good thing (I found out when we were in France last year) is that a lot of quilting terms are the same in French as they are in English. But how perceptive of you to determine the roles of each in the group – it sounds like my group too!

  5. Soledad Bervejillo Says:

    I started quilting in 1999. I live in Uruguay, South America, where there are no quilt shops, no cotton fabrics, no cutting mats, no nothing! In 2000 I travelled to NYC for work, and took some days off afterwards to visit my cousin in Boston. I had read about a quilt shop in New Hampshire called Keepsake Quilting and I made my cousin drive us there so I could shop to my heart’s content! She was very accommodating and took her books with her so she could study in the car while I was inside the shop! I was there for three hours and couldn’t get enough! I brought back home a suitcase full of goodies, I was so happy!
    Later on I realized that there were thousands of quilt shops everywhere in the US, surely there were a few in Boston where I could have gone, without driving for 3 hours to New Hampshire!! But we enjoyed the trip, had a good chat, and I absolutely loved the shop!!

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