And the winner is……..

Thank you, everyone who submitted stories about their favourite world quilting destinations!  There were nine submissions, and I really enjoyed hearing about the world of quilts through your eyes.  Choosing a winner of the copy of Quilter’s Connection magazine is difficult!

I was particularly happy to hear about two Canadian destinations in the mix: Toronto, home of the Textile Museum of Canada (from Jennifer), and Almonte Ontario (from Kate), a small town with another Textile Museum and TWO quilt shops, just outside of Ottawa.  (I’ve sung in Almonte, but didn’t have the time to visit the museum – next time). It’s impressive that Jennifer mentions Toronto; she lives in Australia!

It was great to hear from Jan in Queensland, Australia, about the upcoming V&A Museum quilt show tour which is about to make a stop in Brisbane.  It will feature a rare showing of the Rajah quilt, which would, by itself, be worth the price of admission (or even the price of the flight, for some)!

Carin posted about her desire to visit the Amish areas (presumably Pennsylvania, although there are also lots in Ohio and southern Ontario, Canada, too).  She must really want to win this magazine, because she also posted a similar story on the Facebook page!

Katina’s world quilt destination is to be in the audience of a taping of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  I can attest that it takes a great deal of patience to spend the day in the studio with them.  It’s fascinating to see how it’s done, of course, and you get the chance to “hang out” with the stars, but there’s an awful lot of sitting around too (and they don’t let you sit and sew while the cameras are running, either – just think how many hexagons you could get finished!).

I loved the story told by Marie Cardinal, who told about the plan to stay at her son’s house in Houston so she could attend the “World of Beauty” show sponsored by the International Quilt Association.  But then, the house sold more quickly than they anticipated and she was out of luck!  Well told, Marie, and what a disappointment – I wish I could give you the prize of a trip to Houston!

Anne Mains told us of her visit to fabric shops in Durban, South Africa and the luscious fabrics she found in the warehouses there. I love hearing about quilty reasons to visit places I’ve never been before!

Mary Heard’s description of the quilting group she found in Argental, France during the 8 months she lived in the area was wonderful. She described beautifully the various iconic personalities that could refer to any quilt group in the world. It clearly holds a special place in her heart, and it makes me want to visit Argental, too.


Soledad’s description of her visit to Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire – from her home in Uruguay.  This is surely the longest trip to visit a quilt shop I’ve ever heard of! I can just imagine your day, Soledad: enjoying the time with your cousin, driving through such a beautiful area of New Hampshire on your way to Keepsake, and then the “kid-in-a-candy-shop” experience of your first visit to the store. It is an overwhelming place, I know. I think it’s wonderful that you took up quilting without any support from shops at home. May you have many more trips to quilt shops, Soledad!

So, the Quilter’s Connection magazine will be going to Uruguay.  Thank you, all, for your wonderful stories.  I had such a good time reading them.  I’ll do another contest sometime. Any ideas?



2 Responses to “And the winner is……..”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Lucky Soledad – I’m sure she will enjoy the magazine!

  2. Soledad Bervejillo Says:

    BRAVO!! I’m sooo happy!! Thank you Cathy, and thank all of you ladies, I enjoyed your stories too!!
    Greetings from Uruguay!!

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