Scatterdays R

Another fortnight has passed, and it’s another deadline for my Scatterdays pictures.  Lest you think I’m doing nothing else, I want you to know my days are full of quilting, designing quilts, seeing friends, and getting ready for the upcoming workshop with Katie Pasquini Masopust (I am SO pumped for this, I can’t wait!). In fact, I’m so busy just now, that I haven’t been blogging much at all.  You’ve probably noticed!


This time, the Scatterdays challenge was to find 4 pictures of things starting with R: Mammal, Technology, Transportation, and something Red from my sewing room. It was not difficult to find these ones!


In Canada we have a mammal that we like to call a “Rat with a pretty tail”. Technically, this fits into the “S” category, but because of its very colourful second name, I have decided it fits into this week’s challenge.  These are 3 pictures of my current coffee mug, which I use every morning.  You gardeners out there will understand the references. Squirrels are very fun to watch, especially when there are a few inches of snow sitting on a power line the squirrel is trying to get across.  Hilarious!  But…. they also tend to bury their winter provisions (nuts) into my garden, and – by the by – also dig up and munch on my daffodil bulbs!  This was a gift from my good friend Joanne, also a gardener who understands.

The "mug" shot.

The “mug” shot.

The Wanted poster

The Wanted poster

The other "Mug" shot!

The other “Mug” shot!


Technology R

I am a Recording musician.  Over the years, I have kept my songs-in-progress on Reel-to-Reel tapes, cassettes, and now, digitally on my computer.  I got rid of my reel-to-reel tape player (although, not the tapes…..) years ago, but here are two generations of Recording machines: my old 4-track cassette Recorder, and my new (tiny) digital Recorder. It’s SO much easier to record now! What will be the next medium, I wonder?




R is for Roads, and I’ve driven on a lot of roads!  This my best road picture from 2012, taken on the road south from Hughendon, on our way into Winton, Queensland.  This road almost finished us off – we were on our way to premiere the song I wrote about the World’s Biggest Hexagon Quilt in Gatton, Queensland at Sew Creative, and we HAD to get there.  It was paved here, but further north, it had been very deep mud – almost impassable.  I’m so glad we made it!

I took this picture because I have never seen a square hole in a cloud before.

035 square hole cloud small

And finally, Something Red from my Sewing Room

I’m a little hesitant to tell you about this (mostly because I don’t want people to start giving me things), but I have a Lip collection.  It started decades ago in Ottawa, when I had a logo designed with singing lips.  It bloomed over the years, with lip pins, sunglasses, night lights, change purses, telephones, etc.  In my sewing room I keep a few from this collection.  In this picture, with Red lips, you will find my prized transister Radio. When you turn it on, the lips sing along!!! In front, there’s a little roundish lip eRaser.  Good eraser, too. Vital for correcting my design mistakes.  And finally, a Lip Light, which alas I haven’t put up yet, but John gave this to me years ago.  I keep thinking I’ll put it up in my sewing room, because it’s the only place for it, but I haven’t found the place yet, so it just sits there.  You open the lips to make it brighter.

Red from my sewing room

So, that’s it for this week. Can’t wait for the next challenge! If you’d like to see what the other Scatterdays bloggers are posting, Cinzia, our illustrious leader, has the list on her blog:

Have a great week!

10 Responses to “Scatterdays R”

  1. Joy V Says:

    Fabulous photos Cathy. Just looooove the lips!

  2. Margaret A Says:

    Cathy, had to smile at the ‘lips’. What a snazzy collection and so different. The light is great.
    Hugs, Margaret A

  3. Vireya Says:

    Fascinating collection. I love your cute “rat”.

  4. cinziawhite Says:

    Got to love that rat…’with a pretty tail’ and your lip collection

  5. Sue Says:

    Love your lip collection and ‘rat’.

  6. Liz Needle Says:

    Great Rs Cathy. Your lip collection got me giggling.

  7. SueBK Says:

    I have photos of squirrels from Bali, but couldn’t work out how to swing them as a “R” mammal 🙂

  8. FlourishingPalms Says:

    These pictures are great! A square cloud and red lips! Wow. Who knew anyone could – and does! – collect lips! You’ve given me a good chuckle to start my day. Thanks for sharing. Smack on!

  9. Jenni S. Says:

    Great photos, I have never seen “lips” anywhere, will have to start looking now.

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