Scatterdays T

Here is my submission for this week’s “Scatterdays” challenge, which I’m doing with about 20 others.
Our challenge this week was to find things starting with T

Our topics are:  TASTY

I live for home-grown tomatoes.  I don’t eat fresh tomatoes any other time of year – they are poor relations of the real thing.  When we tour so much, it’s very difficult to grow them, but I’ve been very fortunate over the years to:

a) have a 100+year old neighbour who used to plant them in my garden and water them until I got home (sadly, Bill’s gone now, and I have to do it myself)

b) have a tenant who waters them for me if I’m home to plant them (she is from South Korea and had never had a home grown tomato before – she loves them!) and

c) be able to buy the plants with flowers and sometimes tomatoes already growing on them!

It’s too early to plant tomatoes this year, but this is where they will be.  I’ll be eating them in August!

The tomato patch

This will be my tomato patch


Why was this one so difficult?  I have been wracking my brain to come up with something tiny that starts with T (and not cheating by looking at everyone else’s). I’ve come up with this:  THREE-eighths inch hexagons, my next hexie project.  If you know me, you know that I’m not afraid of small things – I’ve done a 1/4″ hexie project as well as two 1/2″ ones.  When I get something new designed, I will be making it out of these little fellahs.  It will be MUCH bigger than the 1/4″s.  Maybe I’ll do it in some Tantalizing Tesselation design, using my Thimble and some Tissu from the Trash?

Three-eighths inch hexagons

Three-eighths inch hexagons


In 2008 we went to New Zealand.  We have now visited the north and south ends of each island, and have loved every minute of our explorations.  On a bus trip to the north end of the North Island, we stopped at a huge sand dune at the north end of 90 Mile Beach (which isn’t, it’s actually only about 50).  In a moment of weakness, I agreed to TOBOGGAN down a very steep dune!  It really was terrifying, because you go very fast. I don’t even do this on snow anymore, and sand is harder.  It was exhilarating, but I only did it once! I made sure I stopped myself before I went into the stream at the bottom of the hill.

Tobogganing on sand

Tobogganing on sand


Quite a few years ago we were visiting a friend in Pennsylvania.  I saw that she kept her thread in a plastic carrying box, which she got at WalMart (I think) – it’s originally for little car Toys.  Cheaper than most thread boxes that you buy at sewing shops.  Next thing I knew, she had given me one!  It is perfect for thread because the spools don’t get exposed to too much light and they don’t get dusty if I don’t use them often.  Also, it’s a grab-and-go when I take a class or go on retreat!  It’s double sided – so you can keep twice the amount of thread. I have my shades of grey (not 50) on the other half.

To keep things “T”, I’ve put some TEAL thread on TOP!

My Thread box

My Thread box

The next challenge is the letter “I”, and we are looking for Money, Tools, Metal, and Sewing Room Inchies.  See you in two weeks.

If you’d like to see what the other participants are doing, check out Cinzia’s blog – they’re all listed there.


10 Responses to “Scatterdays T”

  1. Vireya Says:

    Lovely collection!

    When you are enjoying those tomatoes, ours will be just a memory. That looks like a nice spot to grow them.

    Tobogganing on sand? I’m imagining a sand-paper effect if you come off. Ouch!

  2. Jenni S. Says:

    Great T’s. We are picking up to 12 tomatoes twice a day. Tobogganing, I would probably end up with a mouth full of sand from screaming.

  3. Joy V Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with those hexies! I remember your tiny one at Townsville. Like Vireya said – ouch for toboganning on sand, not for me.

  4. cinzia White Says:

    Home grown tomatoes..boy do I miss those. Shop bought rubber balls don’t do anything for me..or the salad.

  5. Christine Says:

    My tomatoes are coming to an end as the nights are getting cooler here in Bathurst, my DD reckons she’s still spitting out sand after doing that sand dune when we were over there for the retreat! I played ladies and just watched.

  6. Pauline Says:

    Tiny is so right …. Assembling would be like dealing with postage stamps. You could eat more fresh tomatoes if you came here during our spring and summer! Come on down….NSW has some great sand dunes and you can whale watch while you toboggan.

  7. aubirdwomansheila Says:

    Brilliant Cathy love photos with stories.

  8. FlourishingPalms Says:

    Hello! Did you know you’re a no-reply commenter on Blogger? I was unable to reply to you about the nice comments you made on my Scatterday post. Thank you!

    Love your pictures! Tiny FPP papers… now why didn’t I think of that!?


  9. Sue Says:

    Love home grown tomatoes, we’re not having much luck with ours this year. You’re very brave tobogganing down the sand dune. Clever Ts.

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