Scatterdays – I

I am WAAY early (over a week) with my contribution to Scatterdays this time – I’m off to a quilt retreat next week, and I didn’t want to forget when I get home.


I thought this one would be difficult, but I didn’t find it so this time. The challenge to find words that started with “I” on the topics of:

Sewing Room “Inchies”

The hardest one for me was Money; how do you take a picture of “interest” or “investment” or even “income”?? There are lots of words about money that start with I: think “invoice”, insolvent”, or even “impecunious”! But just try to take a picture of them.

So now, I’m thinking of other things that can be used as money. I’ve found that camels, cowrie shells, stones, blankets rice, salt, peppercorns and even blood were once used as money. And how about those home-canned jams and preserves that double as legal currency at Christmas? No “i”s anywhere….

So I’m back with more standard forms. All of our currencies used to be based on a supply of gold held in the banking centres. Not so much anymore, now that governments just print more money when they’re running out. But in the old days, gold Ingots were the basis of everything! Woo Hoo – I did it!!!!

Money = Ingots

Money = Ingots


Easy peasy.  I make my living as a musician.  My main tool has always been my Instrument!

My airline guitar: black and made of carbon fibre so it won't break on a plane...

My Instrument: black and made of carbon fibre so it won’t break on a plane…

Metal: IRON

Last year we spent some time in England, and we visited Ironbridge in Shropshire, which the tourist brochures call the “Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”.  It is where Abraham Darby perfected the smelting of iron with coke, and it was a filthy, productive, and inventive river valley in its time. The bridge across the Severn River was the first cast Iron bridge in the world, and one of the last remaining.




I like small things, or at least things made out of small pieces.  That’s probably why I became a quilter.  Or maybe it developed because I was a quilter? While we were staying with our friend Rosemary in Pennsylvania several years ago, she showed me her latest king sized quilt, made of 8″x8″ blocks of 64 one inch squares.  I was hooked.  And what a scrap bag buster!!! I now keep every scrap from my projects that will cut a 1-1/2″ square.  Just in case I make another one.

Philately No.1

Philately No.1 Queen Sized 5,120 inchies

I do believe I’m first with the challenge this time – I can’t wait to see what everyone else has chosen!


18 Responses to “Scatterdays – I”

  1. Jan Rhoades Says:

    I love your creativity and ingenuity (an ‘i’ word). Congratulations on being first!

  2. Megs Says:

    I absolutely love the reflection in your “instrument”. Gorgeous! And yes congrats on being the first entry. I am soooo enjoying following your Scattegories!

  3. Vireya Says:

    You had me worried I’d lost a week for a moment there!

    Interesting “I”s, and that quilt is amazing!

  4. Joy V Says:

    Just noticed you posted early Cathy. Like Vireya I got a bit worried, thought I might have missed a weekend somewhere!! Love your ‘I’s – still trying to get mine together. Does make the little grey cells do some work….

  5. Wendy Says:

    OH WOW – A Carbon Fibre Guitar…… very nice! – Wendy

  6. Pauline Says:

    I thought I might be Ist to comment as I am up late! Your guitar is superb. I love the reflection and am in awe of the quilt. Enjoy your retreat.

  7. Jenni S. Says:

    Great ideas and photos, love the guitar. I tried to learn once, but could only play the first few bars of Let it Be. Look forward to “D” from you.

  8. lulubellelizLiz Needle Says:

    Well done Cathy, not only the first, but a great post as well. Love your inchies quilt. What a lot of patience you must have.

  9. Sue Says:

    Love your quilt and the guitar but the bridge would have to be my favourite. Just love old bridges.

  10. ozjane Says:

    very clever brain work here. I remember Darby from English History that I seem to have studied at some stage.
    Keep that instrument in good shape….it fits you so well.

  11. cinzia White Says:

    Wow that is some quilt…you uploaded early but thankfully we have two weeks between posts as it has taken me this long to start checking them out.

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