PayPal on my website and a Block of the Month idea

It is now possible for you to order CDs, books and patterns from me directly on my website, using credit cards, without having to print out the order form and mail it in to me, or even use the telephone.  Of course, you still can do that, if you want to talk to me, or like to keep the postal service in business.

I’m planning a very exciting project for everyone to do for the next two years.  Do you enjoy Blocks of the Month?

While I’m setting up my block of the month project, I’d love to hear from you.  What do you love about them?  What do you hate about them?  Are they worth the money? If you’ve never done one, what would entice you to sign up? If you have done one, what was your experience?

I want to make this a smooth and wonderful learning experience for everyone.  What will be the quilt, you ask?

Do you want to make this quilt?

Do you want to make this quilt?


20 Responses to “PayPal on my website and a Block of the Month idea”


    Bonjour,quelle bonne idée pour paypal et les blocs du mois,je ne suis pas trés douée pour reproduire les gabarits sinon je serais ravie de participer,j’ai fait le civil war qui ma fait beaucoup de plaisir!
    J’attendrais les prochaines news.
    Amicalement MChristine

  2. quiltlady41 Says:

    I have done, and am doing BOM’s. I love your quilt and the idea, but at this time I am over extended, so I probably would not do one at this time. Is this the quilt that you and your husband sing about? I would love a picture of the quilt you sing about, where you name all the blocks in the quilt. I saw you all perform it at the Intn’l Quilt Show in Houston.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Yes, this is the quilt that I sing about. There’s a picture of the quilt on my website, Look for it under “Quilts” and “Cathy’s Quilts”. Scroll down until you see it. The picture is also on the new environmental CDs (no plastic) – when we re-released it I had an extra panel to fill, and added it then. (The quilt hadn’t been made when I released it the first time!)

  3. Mary heard Says:

    If I was to make a block do the month I wouldn’t choose a sampler quilt, I know that many others love them and they are great mediums for learning, however I prefer blocks which come together to make an integrated whole. I know what I mean but find it difficult to explain, often the blocks are of differing sizes and shapes but look great when completed. Ignore my comment if it doesn’t make sense to you.
    Mary Heard Australia

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Mary: Actually, I totally agree with you. The only reason I made this quilt is because I wanted to illustrate the song I wrote, using the quilt blocks to tell the story. It has received a lot of interest, though, from quilters who wanted to make it, so I’m doing this BOM for them. If I make another sampler quilt, it will be for the same reason – to illustrate a similar song. And I would limit the colours significantly more, so that it holds together better. Say, monochromatic? Since my workshop with Katie Pasquini Masopust, I’m really very interested in abstract quilts just now!

  4. Kate Says:

    I LOVE scrappy quilts. I have seen the Star and Plume in person, more than once (I think that makes me a Cathy groupie), and I think it is beautiful. I like how the whole quilt is so much greater than it’s individual pieces (awfully poetic for so early in the morning).
    Make mine scrappy, please.

  5. Carin Says:

    I like the sampler a lot, but samplers are my favorite quilts. So I think I will join the fun 🙂 Maybe make it all in red with white/creams and the sashing a totaly different color (don’t know which color.. any suggestions?)
    Do you start a specal blog or group for the people who are making this quilt, so they can see each others blocks? That would be so much fun and stimulates to make each month the blocks.

    if I understand correctly after april 1 you can click the paypal button and then paypal will automatic take 5 dollar a month from our account for 24 months?

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Carin:
      I’m glad you’re going to join us! What a great idea, to start a new group for the participants. Should it be a blog? It’s a good idea so people can see what everyone else is doing!
      Yes, you have that right about signing up through Paypal. If you sign up now, you’ll get charged for April (but it doesn’t start till May….). You can unsubscribe at any time, if it doesn’t suit you, but you will be signing up for 24 months’ worth of 2 blocks per month.
      I’m making it as we go, too – mine is in shades of grey, and I’m taking pictures of them and including them in the patterns, so everyone can see WITHOUT COLOUR what they look like. I think shades of Red and White would be very exciting! Maybe sash it in black or even green at the end? Don’t buy your fabric for the sashing until the blocks are well along – it’ll be easier to tell what will look great then. My original quilt was primarily yellow-blue-red, and the sashing that made the blocks “sing” was grey!

      • Carin Says:

        If the ones who join in the fun can also post their pictures on that blog, that would be great. I know by blogspot that when you made blog blog, you can invite up to 100 people to post on that blog.

        I understand about paypal and put it on my calendar to join april 2 🙂

        Good idea to wait with the color for the sashings !!

      • singingquilter Says:

        I’ll look into this, Carin – it will only work for me if everybody gets to upload their own comments and pictures.

      • Carin Says:

        Yes that can with blogspot. When you set up a blog, example you call it and in the sidebar you can write something like: If you are joining the block of the month The star and prume quilt and you want to post pictures here, send a request to …. (your email) …. and I will send you an invite.
        This is just an example 🙂
        When someone email you to ask for joining you can through your settings of blogspot, send them an invite for that blog. The ones who accept, then can post their own pictures and messgaes. This way 100 people can join (thats the limit).

        If you need any help, you can always let me now 🙂

      • singingquilter Says:

        Thanks – I’ll see if wordpress can do it too, otherwise I’ll have to join blogspot!

  6. Carin Says:

    Cathy I do have another question about this block of the month …. I just read again about it on your website and with the materials you need I read a sewing machine, because I’m a hand quilter and not a machine quilter there was one question …. In the patterns, are there templates or is everything show with rotary cutting? Because I never do rotary cutting and always work with templates, and I think if I have to drawn all those blocks myself it will be difficult for me.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Carin:
      There are a great number of techniques involved in making this quilt, including strip piecing, foundation piecing (with paper and fabric), half-square triangles, quarter square triangles, curved piecing, applique and mitres. I see this as a learning quilt to be able to master all these skills. A few of the blocks do use templates, but only if it is the most accurate and simplest way of doing it.

      I can include templates for most of the blocks, if you wish, but some of the blocks (notably “Stack and Slash” definitely use machine and rotary cutting techniques. The instructions for putting the blocks together will be for the most effective method I’ve found for them. That was my personal learning curve for the quilt, and that’s what I’m hoping to pass along to everyone.

      If I include the templates for all the blocks, will that work for you?

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