Scatterdays: D

Today’s Scatterdays challenge: the letter D

Something Humorous
A Quilty Display

Feet were made to DANCE!!! Here’s the cover of one of my recordings, featuring the song: Dance Beneath the Moon.  I hate this cover, but  it’s a real “blast from the past” to see my hair like this again – very 80s, dontcha know! (PS it never was this big – the artist drew in some of the top hair because the picture was cut off…..)

Funny hair, horrible album cover, but it was a good song!

Funny hair, horrible album cover, but it was a good song!


Furniture: My desk!

This is as clean as it ever gets.....

This is as clean as it ever gets…..

Something humorous: sorry, I’ve totally blanked on this. I’ve no idea.  Dada? a funny disguise? a Dirigible? a Dromedary? a Dodo bird?  How about the book series by Patrick Taylor that I’m reading: An Irish Country Doctor?  There are several books in the series, about a freshly minted Irish Doctor who starts working in the fictitious town “Ballybucklebo”, complete with its hilarious finely drawn characters. I’ve laughed out loud many times while reading this book!!

This is the first book.

This is the first book.

A Quilty Display:  Here’s my selection of hand-Dyes and fabric I’ve Dyed.  I’ll do more.  It’s so much fun!


Next?  S: Female, Ice Cream, Empty, and Stash. See you in two weeks!

13 Responses to “Scatterdays: D”

  1. Karen O Says:

    I dunno. The hair was pretty funny…a funny DO!

  2. Carin Says:

    I like the hair 🙂
    That book sounds great !!!

  3. Vireya Says:

    I’ll have to have a look for the book – I like a book with a few laughs in it.

  4. Joy V Says:

    Love the hair – brings back memories… I also must look for the book. At least you can see your desk…

  5. Jenni S. Says:

    Love the hair, must have used a lot of teasing and hairspray. Will be interested to see what you make with the dyed fabric. At least you can see the top of your desk, I’ve seen a few that are so piled high with paperwork, it’s a wonder they can get any work done.

  6. Pauline Says:

    Enjoyed all your ‘D’s. I love a great laugh so I’ll keep that book in mind. I’ve had thick wavy/ curly hair and was very amused when two friends in the early offered me a perm for my birthday. I declined! I had the first Afro in Sydney in approx. 1956 when my grandmother tied my hair in cotton rags to produce ringlets! Cried for hours! Ah the Dos and Don’ts of hairDos!

    • singingquilter Says:

      Ah yes, there’s nothing like those old hairstyles to make us cringe! I actually don’t mind pictures of me with spiky hair, but because the artist drew in some of it on this one, I never did like it. Note to self: always get a haircut before getting pictures taken, and make sure the photographer doesn’t cut off the top of your head! Very funny, that your friends wanted you to have a perm!

      I have really fine hair that needs all the help it can get. For my high school grad I wanted ringlets and long hair piled high (but not too high – I went to the dance with a short guy!). Unfortunately it was raining that day and I never did get my ringlets…. big disappointment.

  7. Pauline Says:

    Ie in the early 80s!

  8. Sue Says:

    At least you can see your desk, I have 2 and they are both covered with paperwork etc. Will have to look for the book at the library.

    • singingquilter Says:

      The only way I saw my desk that day was because I had packed up my computer for a quick trip across to Vancouver for the weekend! Usually, you can’t see the top at all!!

  9. Katina Says:

    Pretty lady, awesome hair. I know what you mean about fine hair and dampness. Trying to get used to the humidity here and the wind and rain. All ready for a retreat next weekend at Oak Island. Mock Mola is sandwiched and ready for stitching. I watched your segment on TQS yesterday again to get pointers so that it comes out right.

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