Scatterdays S

Happy Easter, everyone (and soon to be April Fool’s day).  I’m enjoying spectacular weather here in Victoria BC – it feels almost like summer!

This time, our Scatterday challenge was S:  Female, Ice Cream, Empty and Stash.




A few years ago we were visiting our good friend Jan in Brisbane.  Our concert was held in the Mary MacKillop Primary School.  I was interested in the name of the school, since my father’s great grandmother was Catharine MacKillop, from the Isle of Iona.  They had a little display about her in the school, and I was interested to find out that she was from the same relative area as my gggrandmother.  Since them, Mary MacKillop has been Sainted!

Saint Mary MacKillop

Saint Mary MacKillop

It’s an unusual name, and I’m SURE SHE’s a relative!!! (Just haven’t found out how yet…..)


Ice Cream:

We were on tour in Oklahoma with our RV many years ago. It had snowed overnight. (BRRRR!)  In the old days, we had to check our email by going to the camp office and plugging into their telephone.  I was doing that when a local came in and started talking about SNOW ICE CREAM!

Being a good Canadian, used to snow, I was amazed that I had never heard of this before.   Here’s the recipe:

1 gallon snow
1 cup white sugar
1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups milk (or cream)

Mix the ingredients together and eat it.

Make sure you use clean snow, not what I’m standing on here.

Don't use this snow to make ice cream!

Don’t use this snow to make ice cream!


It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Canada, with the temperatures climbing and the sky clear.  Time to do some Spring cleaning!  It’s the only way I’m ever going to find an Empty Shelf anywhere in my house!




Okay, I admit it: I keep almost everything.  I throw out fabric that won’t cut a 1 1/2″ square, but keep everything else.  I even keep Selvedges!  Here’ s my bag full of selvedges, and what I do with them (obviously I’m a bit behind in this – time to start crocheting again…..). To keep this extremely S-y, I’ve added three of my favourite Scissors, as well!

Selvedges and Scissors

Selvedges and Scissors

Next?  We’ll be doing As: House, Bird, Junk and Art.

See you in two weeks!

8 Responses to “Scatterdays S”

  1. Carin Says:

    great post !! Here its still COLD !!! yesterday we even had a bit of snow again … ahhhhhggggg

  2. Jenni S. Says:

    Great ideas. Where I live here in Melbourne we have MacKillop College, the Catholic high school. It is not a common name, so I am sure there is a connection to your family.

  3. Vireya Says:

    There are also 3 Mary Mackillop Primary Schools in Melbourne. I think every state has at least one. She’s pretty famous around these parts!

    Would you want to eat ice cream when there was snow everywhere?

  4. aubirdwoman Says:

    great S’s. Especially the female one. I too wonder about eating snow ice cream but then just stopped and thought about some of the things we eat. The snow is probably most pure.

  5. Pauline Says:

    Mary McKillop has touched many people. My great grandparents were immigrant English(f) and Irish (m). When they moved out of Sydney early in their marriage they went to Perthville west of Bathurst in NSW. One of their daughters joined the black St Joseph’s in Perthville when she turned 21. Her Protestant father was’t happy about it so she had to wait until she could without his permission. Now back to Mary McKillop! When she left South Australia she stayed for a short time in the barn on my ggrandparents’ property!. I live very close to the chapel where Mary McKillop is buried in Sydney. Irish records are not easy to track as most of them were burned by the English but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble linking her to your family…just putting your information on the net is going to draw more hits with more contact than my tenuous example.
    Thanks for sharing your selvage rug idea. I’ll let my Michigan buddy know. The Canadian recipe sounds harmless and tasty! Just need a gallon of snow!!!!!!

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Pauline – thanks for that story about your family’s connection with Mary MacKillop. The Scottish records are quite good, actually – I haven’t done any further work on my own tree since I found this out and the connection would be a long, long time ago. I’m thinking now that it might be too far back to trace – Mary’s family was from Perthshire, and my gggrandmother’s was from Argyll/Iona. It would have been a fair distance apart back then. Maybe I’m making this up! (but wouldn’t it be great to have her in my family tree?)

  6. Jan Rhoades Says:

    I’m loving these posts Cathy. Keep up the great word. I guess we won’t to eat any of that snow ice cream in Brisbane even though winter is slowly approaching. I’m off to Russia soon so maybe there will still be some snow around (Denise hopes NOT!)

  7. Jan Rhoades Says:

    Whoops…a bit of a freudian slip but I guess word works as well as work!

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