A new product from The Quilt Show

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that one of my highlights from last year was my appearance on The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  It was broadcast (on-line) in February.

Consequently, I’m on their mailing list – if you are not, it’s easy to do, and you can receive their very entertaining and useful newsletter for free, as well as being able to subscribe to the show if you wish.

But I didn’t know they were in on the ground floor developing  new and wonderful products as well.  Alex’s son is into computers, and has developed a fantastic new app for the iPhone. They have just sent out a promo video for this amazing item: the Stitch Eraser!!! Sometimes something is invented in this world that just takes your breath away with its practicality and genius.

Check out the video here.

What on earth took them so long?!?!?

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2 Responses to “A new product from The Quilt Show”

  1. Carin Says:

    Hihihi … looks like a april fools thing 🙂

  2. Joy V Says:

    I subscribe to them also – someone has a fabulous sense of humour!! I loved it.

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