Scatterdays: L

Another fortnight, another last minute mad dash to figure out my four categories. This week our letter is:


The topics are: Sky, Purple, City and Lap Quilt


I’ve been following the adventures of Canada’s favourite spaceman: Chris Hadfield.  Chris is currently the Commander of the International Space Station, and he’s doing more than anyone else to demystify and popularize the goings on up there. He’s using social media a lot while he’s there, and sending back lots on Facebook and YouTube. I’ve seen videos of how you sleep in zero gravity, how you get a haircut, and how to brush your teeth.  Even a science experiment suggested by a Canadian student about what happens when you squeeze a soaking wet facecloth in zero G!  (you’d be surprised what does happen).

I have a personal connection with Chris – he’s a musician and songwriter too, and he’s been working with my producer, Paul Mills, to record a bunch of songs FROM SPACE!  It’s going very well, I hear.

Chris is taking some amazing pictures from space, and here’s one that he took of the rising moon – otherwise known as Luna.


I’ve already taken a sneak peek at Cinzia’s post this week, and she chose the city London.  As in England.  I have been there too, but actually I grew up in London Ontario. Not quite the same cachet that the other one has, but it’s where I’m from, so this is the one I chose.


And yes, the Thames River runs through this one, too.  AND Stratford upon Avon is not far away!

I have lavender growing in my yard.  This time of year, it’s not very purple, but it will be.  Here’s what lavender looks like in the spring in Victoria BC.


Just beside the first shoots of lavender are proper purple flowers:


This is one I made with my Mock Mola Applique technique.  It’s a combination of two Labyrinths, the top is Caerdroia Labyrinth, and the bottom is a Roman one.


 That’s all for now.  In two weeks, I’ll see you with Vs: Colour, Weather, Pointy and Vibrant Quilts!!!

To see some of the other Scatterdayers, there’s a list of all of us on Cinzia’s blog.

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8 Responses to “Scatterdays: L”

  1. Pauline Says:

    I really enjoyed all your photos particularly tour quilt design and colours. I’ll launch into space with the s-man’s blog…v interesting n continue my chuckle over the Anglo nostalgia. So similar to here…our forefathers /mothers were here wanting to be somewhere or someone else….Australia is full ev em! Perth, Sydney, New South Wales etc etc. I wish we could use the indigenous names. I live in Wollsonecraft! The locals were the Cammeraigal…go figure!

  2. Vireya Says:

    I’ve watched the video of what happens when you wring out a facecloth in space. Just amazing!

    Happy spring! Your lavender shows lots of promise. Mine is just about finished for the year.

  3. Jan Rhoades Says:

    Whew…how clever are you! I wasn’t sure where you were heading with the first one before you got to luna. Well done. Doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for you at all.

  4. Jenni S. Says:

    Loved your ideas for L. I have heard of Chris Hadfield, my husband loves anything to do with space.

  5. ozjane Says:

    Oh dear the lavender brings back memories of a severe prune a couple of weeks ago. Hoping for lovely new growth…Happy L days.

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