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With such a Variety of Vivid, Visible Variations possible for this category, where shall I begin? From Vermilion to Violet to Vanilla.  And such Vivid Views!  My choice is Verdigris – a loVely colour, and one that I actually found in my house! (If you just keep enough stuff, it’s amazing what you can find when you’re looking for something unusual!)

A verdigris candle holder.

A verdigris candle holder.


—- VANE! John and I were visiting a friend in Quebec many years ago. We had a day to relax, and I decided I wanted to retrace the steps from my childhood – once, my parents and I were in Quebec and they bought themselves a weather vane. So, John and I and our friend went down to the local hardware store, where we met the owner (and former Mayor of town).  Everything was done in a mixture of French and English: a weather vane, in French is called a “girouette”.  I wanted one in the shape of a rooster (un “coq”). We were shown into the basement, in a back dusty corner, to two boxes with “girouettes”. One, “un cheval” – a horse, and one a sailboat.  The owner was very entertaining, and upbeat – he opened one of the boxes and said – “Look, you even get some hardware (screws) to install it!”

I said “Je prefere un coq, s’il vous plait”.

and HE said: “You get four free screws a she STILL wants a “coq”!!!

To my eternal regret, I didn’t buy the “cheval” or the sailboat, holding out for the “coq”.



It’s spring here, and I’m just planting my garden before we head out on tour again. While preparing the bed to receive my tomatoes and squash and kohlrabi plants, I found some remaining carrots from last season!  Too woody to eat, alas, but they are my pointy VEGETABLES!



If you’ve been reading this blog before, you’ll know that I’m in the middle of an art challenge with two friends.  By next February we are each to have created ten pieces on the theme of “Refractions”.  Then, we’ll display our work in a local gallery.  In my last 6 months (mostly) home, I’ve been on a wonderful journey to create the first 6 pieces – learning curve is very high, and I’m starting to think more as an artist.  These pieces will be for sale when the show is on, also a huge step forward for me, who gives away or keeps everything she makes.  Here is the most vibrant piece I’ve made for this challenge, based on pictures I took of two straws in a glass of water, in front of rainbow fabric.  The glass was fluted, leading to some really interesting refractions of the straws.

Drawing Straws

Drawing Straws

If you’d like to see what some of the other participants did for this challenge, check out Cinzia’s site, where you’ll find links to everyone else’s responses.

I hope I can continue doing this challenge while I’m on the road – we’ll have to see! Next time, we do M: Sport, Foreign, Animal, and Modern Quilt.

4 Responses to “Scatterdays: V”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Love your Drawing Straws. And your story about it.. I thought about signing up for Scatterdays but didn’t so really enjoying your posts.
    Could get M. Sport today as I opened my front door to a MOB of parents and little kids playing soccer in the field accross street in Sherwood Park, AB.

  2. Vireya Says:

    Love your pointy vegetables, and your coq story!

    The straw refractions make a very interesting design,

    I hope you can keep going while on the road, I’ll miss your entertaining scatterdays posts if you can’t, but all the best for your travels!

  3. Jenni S. Says:

    Always enjoy your Scatterdays. There are some wonderful weather vanes out there. Happy travels.

  4. cinziawhite Says:

    That is a pain of wanting something and being sure that you will find it somewhere lese. Unfortunately sown the line we discover that option A wan’t available and now neither is option B.
    Very creative way to depict your straws. Good luck with the rest of the preparation

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