Scatterdays – M

Greetings from Dawson City, Yukon!!  I’ve just had two days of warm, sunny temperatures (much warmer than home just now), and VERY long days – we are just below the Arctic Circle, the furthest north I’ve ever been, and you could easily fit two days into one here.  It never gets dark, although the sun does dip below the horizon.  That means that you can be out gardening at midnight – and people do! It’s very difficult to get to sleep when it looks like about 7pm (but is really midnight!)

This week’s Scatterdays challenge is the letter M

Sport, Foreign, Animal, and Modern Quilt

Well, there are Marathons, aren’t there?  I used to run, but I never did a marathon.  I think I’m glad about that.  Today at noon in Dawson City Yukon (which at one time was the biggest city west of Winnipeg and north of San Francisco) they started a sort of marathon called a “Relay for Life”.  Teams are going to be walking for the next 12 hours to raise funds for cancer. It will still be light when they finish!

The opening ceremony of the Relay for Life in Dawson City Yukon

The opening ceremony of the Relay for Life in Dawson City Yukon


Mount Cook on the south island of New Zealand

Mount Cook on the south island of New Zealand

This was from my first visit to New Zealand in 2004.  We were not there first thing in the morning, but we were able to take this classic picture of the reflection of the mountain.  I love New Zealand, and can’t wait to get back sometime.


I have so many ideas for this one!  I first thought about including the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot, but I’ve never actually seen one.  Now that we’re in the far North of Canada, it seems very clear which animal should get my vote: the moose!

This is on the wall of the Commissioner's Residence in Dawson City.

This is on the wall of the Commissioner’s Residence in Dawson City.

Moose drop their antlers each year, and people up here find them discarded in the bush.  You can use them for the most interesting things:

Moos antler chair and My DH

Moos antler chair and My DH

We have seen a live moose on the road, but I didn’t get a very good picture of it. Today, someone told me that the animal they’re most afraid of meeting in the wilderness is a moose – they’re nasty, and will run after you – and they’re BIG.

But I must show you the other major candidate from this tour for this category:  the Woolly Mammoth!  Because Alaska and part of the Yukon escaped the last Ice Age, there were many interesting animals  here (including really big bears, and lions).  Outside the Berengia Centre in Whitehorse, we encountered a small, but impressive looking mammoth, looking very fashionable!

A wooly Wooly Mammoth

A woolly Woolly Mammoth – Yarn Bombed!


I don’t think I make “modern quilts”, so I’m going to show you one of my own most modern (read: latest) quilts.  It was taken from a detail of a picture of reflections in the water at Port Angeles, Washington State.  One day, I’ll make a modern quilt.  Maybe.

Port Angeles Harbour done small

That’s all till next time – the dreaded letter X!!! I was hoping we could miss this one…. Keep you posted.


3 Responses to “Scatterdays – M”

  1. Vireya Says:

    Love the yarn-bombed mammoth!

    Your water reflections quilt is beautiful.

  2. Pauline Says:

    Welcome back! There is a bomb of wow factor in you photos. Love the mammoth n am pleased to see the locals keek her/him at least partially warm. Takes a lot of knitting to cover a mammoth. Enjoy the far north!

  3. aubirdwoman Says:

    what a wonderful interesting post. now I never thought of the M words you used and that quilt looks very modern to me, as well as spectacular.

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