Scatterdays – X

Cinzia has given us a significant challenge this time: the letter X!  To her credit, she has also given us an “out” if we are unable to do it: we can do an acrostic of our names instead.  But I have been very fortunate in the last two weeks to find enough images to do the Xs. Yay! AND I’m a week early!!!



Our categories this week are:


We’ve just driven a couple of hundred kilometres on a gravel road in the far north of Canada.  There were times when it was appallingly rough, with large rocks and frost heaves from the permafrost, which our little VW car didn’t like much.  But mostly, it was just dusty.  Here’s a picture of the back of the car at the end of that drive.  Can you find the X?

X hidden dirty car small



We visited the MacBride Museum of History in Whitehorse Yukon, and found lots of stuffed animals, a huge exhibit about the grueling Yukon Quest dogsled race, and quite a bit of historical paraphernalia from the Gold Rush era.  Here’s a picture of one of the famous showgirls from back then, known as “Madame Zoom”, likely because nobody could possibly pronounce her first name: Xheusune!

Xheusune Corbet

Xheusune Corbet was a dressmaker from France, and a dance hall girl in Dawson City


When you sign a letter, at the end many people add XOXOX.  The “o”s are for hugs, and the “x”s are for kisses!  I Googled images for “kiss” and guess what I found?

X Kiss

Alive and kissing!


We sang in Yellowknife last night, and my friend Steve Lacey was closely examining my Star and Plume quilt.  He said he counted a LOT of X blocks in the quilt!  How many can you find?

Star and Plume

I think I can find about 9 proper crosses in this quilt.

That’s it for this week!  Can’t wait to see what’s up for next time!

To see what the other Scatterdayers are up to, check out the links on Cinzia’s blog.

12 Responses to “Scatterdays – X”

  1. Carin Says:

    Its always diffecult to find things with an X, you did a wonderful job !!

  2. Vireya Says:

    “Xheusune” is an amazing name! I wonder how it was meant to be pronounced?

    Great collection for a challenging letter.

  3. Pauline Says:

    Fantastic selection. i will have to google Mme X to find out more about this fascinating name and the character. Yes, I spied the X! Did you liquid paper the car? Just kidding! Love your quilt!

  4. bloodyhell2 Says:

    Am really enjoying reading about your trip. The road must have been horrid to drive over. Love the dressmaker’s name. Definitely an original in her classes.

  5. Cinzia Says:

    Must remember to change my WordPress blog login (bloody hell)…can you tell the mood I was in when I made it

  6. ozjane Says:

    I am guessing that the hidden X is in the number plate.
    Well done and lots of thought and effort.

  7. sheila Says:

    fantastc X’s. I rememeber the band Kiss. middle went to see them twice.

  8. sheila Says:

    that was middle son lol

  9. Sue M Says:

    After some searching I found the X on your car. The tale of Madame Zoom is interesting.

  10. Jenni S. Says:

    Wonderful selection and very clever. Our daughter went to see them at the Grand Prix a couple of years ago, it was like a new band being discovered.

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