Scatterdays – Z

I’m back, after missing the last one – it’s very difficult to think about doing a blog when you’re on the road!

This fortnight’s challenge: Z

zHere are the categories: Notorious, Edible, Family, ZZZZ

When I was growing up, I used to watch the TV show Zorro.  What a NOTORIOUS, swashbuckling hero he was!

zorro-imageYou always knew when he’d been around by his signature.

zorro zEDIBLE:
I have a vegetable garden in my backyard.  This year, I’m growing tomatoes, squash, radishes and potatoes (well, they actually come up every year – I don’t have to plant them).  The deer got my entire apple crop and most of the kohlrabi and peas.  I’m ready to do in the next deer I see….. practicing my bow and arrow technique….

One year I actually grew Zucchini (courgette for you Aussies and Brits). Never again. It is physically impossible for two people to keep up with the plant, and inevitably one escapes your view and becomes gargantuan before you know it.  I have recipes that use zucchini, like chocolate cake, that can hide it and use up large amounts, but still…..  I don’t mind eating zucchini once in a while, but not steadily. Now, I buy it from the store.


Here’s a picture of my ZANY family, thanks to the family reunion we had last week in Ontario.  We spent most of the time at the pool, because the days were very hot and humid. I don’t get to see them very often, so John and I flew back for this event.  It was WONDERFUL!

008 group shot smallZZZZZ
I’m not entirely sure what this one means.  I’m going to take it as my favourite quilt to sleep under!  I made this when I lived in Darwin Australia in 2000, as I was writing songs for my first quilting CD. It was a class I took taught by my friend Jenny Armour called “Country Quilts”. A central medallion style quilt – each of us designed as we went, so that each quilt made in the class looked quite different.  It was a great class, and, thanks to the Matilda’s Own wool batting/wadding inside, toasty warm!

I bought the fabric in Bali on our way to Darwin, so the quilt is called “Bali Stars”.  It won Best in Section at the Fred’s Pass Rural Show in 2000, much to my great surprise.

Bali Stars

Bali Stars






14 Responses to “Scatterdays – Z”

  1. Irene Blanchard Says:

    I am enjoying your letter challenges, but especially like this “Z” one. Zorro was one of very few TV programs that I saw as a kid, and I agree with the swashbuckling heroism!

    Your travels sound wonderful, and Hooray! for the quilters who are making tops for the Alberta flooded-out folks. Comfort comes in so many ways – good for you and your sister quilters.



  2. Jenni S. Says:

    Know what you mean by the abundance of Zucchinis, we can only get them in a punnet of 4, so the neighbours get the extras. That’s why I make my cake and freeze it. Great post.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Ah yes, Zorro……”makes the sign of the zee”……”zee” was a foreign word to Aussies in my growing-up days! We have zucchini here too, what is this courgette of which you speak? *grin*

  4. Vireya Says:

    We grow zucchinis (I think it is only the British that call them courgettes), although a couple of plants provide more than enough of them for two people. If there are more than we can possibly eat or pickle, the chooks are happy to help devour the harvest.

  5. Tony Suttor Says:

    We both remember “Bali Stars”.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Of course you do, Tony and Jenny! We use it all the time.

    • singingquilter Says:

      When I saw that quilt at Fred’s Pass with a ribbon on it, I just about fell over, Tony! And I remember that little bit of dark chocolate brown that Jenny gave me for the corners. Now, I have a LOT of dark chocolate brown in my stash – so I don’t ever have to worry about running out of it!

  6. Pauline Says:

    A toasty, zany post! I watched Zorro, too. I hoped that one day he’d take off that mask but…..! Darwin proved very fruitful for you. Wonderful quilt and a v special result. My zucchini count has been 1 so I obviously need some ‘zest’ to get a crop like yours. Your flood quilts are beautiful.

  7. Pam Pemberton Says:

    I understand that not only did our wonderful Jenny A get you hooked on quilting (along with many others) but she also gave you the title of “The Singing Quilter”. Darwin was clearly a watershed year…..

  8. Cinzia Says:

    That border just inside the flying geese is fantastic. I also had no idea about the zzz for the last category and to add to that I was short on time.

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