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This week’s challenge: HOLIDAY, DANCING, TOY, JAPANESE


Here in Canada we have a national holiday every JULY 1st, called Canada Day (formerly known as Dominion Day, in hazy prehistory). It is a day to pull out the dusty Canadian Flags, attend a barbecue, and watch fireworks. Usually it’s the best weather we get here in the frosty north (but not this year – it’s been a spectacular summer here for months !)

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There is a family story about my cousin’s first baby.  She was heavily pregnant, and her husband convinced her to go out dancing with him.  At the time, the JIVE and JITTERBUG were all the rage.  A particularly athletic dance style, the JITTERBUG involved the woman’s feet leaving the floor as her partner threw her about.  I have no idea how Jim was able to do this, and it attests to his athletic prowess himself.  Well, that’s the story anyway, however true it is.  I believe she went into hospital the next day and delivered a happy (dare I say bouncy) baby boy!

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In the days before computer games, iPads, and even Atari, there were games of skill like marbles, pick-up-sticks and, yes, JACKS.



In 2009 we attended the Houston Quilt Festival (we’ll be there again this year).  It’s been very interesting to see the changes over the years we’ve gone, and one of the most notable is the increase in quilts from Japan.  Their work is extraordinary, and it seems that each person there specializes in one sort of quilting, then takes the technique to the Nth degree.  Notable one year was an exhibit of about 15 king-sized hexagon quilts, made of 1/4″ hexies in kimono silks that I saw there – made by two women over the course of their lives. Phenomenal!

But in 2009 what was most notable to me was the large quilts in the hand made category.  Usually there are differences between the quilts in this category, and include many different techniques: whole cloth, traditional, etc.  I was surprised to see the entire category (all but one) comprised of large Hawaiian quilts, and ALL of them from Japan!

j - japanese quilts

JOHN looking at JAPANESE quilts at the International JURIED show.

In two weeks, I’ll be aboard the ms Eurodam in Bar Harbor Maine, our Fall Colours Quilting Cruise.  I hope I’ll have internet access so I can do the next challenge: O – Discarded, Workplace, Arts and Old.

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6 Responses to “Scatterdays – J”

  1. Jan Rhoades Says:

    Another good one Cathy. Enjoy the cruise.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Have fun on the cruise and I hope you get lovely fall colour! Don’t forget J for Jabiru, a crane which lives in northern Australia.

  3. Vireya Says:

    Your jacks are a little different to the ones in this part of the world. Even the plastic ones here are shaped liked the bones.

    Have a wonderful time on the quilting cruise!

  4. Jenni S. Says:

    I haven’t seen jacks like yours before. Happy cruising.

  5. Wendy Says:

    I was in MI in July and have to agree the weather was beautiful. So close to the Canada border I could almost see it – but no dotted line on the ground below us 😉
    Hope your cruise is also relaxing, sounds wonderful. – Cheers

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