Farewell to Nova Scotia, hello Bar Harbor!

The cruise continues, and I have lots to tell you about.  I’m in Boston today, having a quiet day catching up on things.

Halifax harbour

Halifax Harbour

After our class with Laurie Swim in Halifax, I went on to spend a wonderful afternoon with two very dear friends, one of whom is on her way to live just outside of Goose Bay Labrador!

As we left Halifax harbour, we went right by Duncan’s Cove, which I wrote a song about in 1982. It’s one of my best songs, and I’ve only seen it from the water once before.  I could see Tom and Bev Grove’s house from the ship! Could they hear me calling and see me waving?


Duncans Cove

Duncans Cove

The weather was starting to improve. No rain fell on us in Halifax.

Our next stop was Bar Harbor Maine, and we woke to blazing sunshine and warm temperatures.  Ahhh! Finally!

Because we had to clear US customs before we disembarked, then take one of the lifeboats (tenders) to shore, we were a bit late for our “Make and Take”, hosted by the local quilt shop Fabricate. But they were okay with that.  Nessa and Erin welcomed us to their wonderful shop (which includes knitting, felting and scrapbooking supplies as well as quilting).  Erin gave us a really cool workshop to make a cowl out of 2 1/2″ scrap.  We had a mountain of scraps to play with (it’s always SO much more fun to play with someone else’s scraps than your own).


Nessa at her shop

Nessa at her shop

Erin with Susan, ready to make her cowl.

Erin with Susan, ready to make her cowl.

Nessa and Erin also organized a lobster lunch for us. It was warm enough to sit outside at Rupununi’s.



Bar Harbor is charming, filled with colourful small shops.  They love their lobster (we were even met by a large one, looking for photo ops when we came ashore).  Coming into and out of the bay required some precision on the part of our captain, since there were literally THOUSANDS of buoys marking all the lobster pots in the water. It’s a wonder there are still any lobster at all down there, with all the traps.

There’s a church in town featuring some Tiffany windows.  Beautiful.

Tiffany rose window

Tiffany rose window

In the afternoon I met up with a friend whom I met last year in Houghton Maine.  Then she drove 6 hours to meet me.  This time it was only 2 ½!  Great to see you, Carolee!

022 with Carolee Withee small

Today we’re in Boston, and everyone has gone ashore to see the history, the beauty and the sunshine here.  I’m having a quiet day, preparing for tomorrow: our last teaching day, with my final concert.  I’m putting the finishing touches on the Cruise Song, which I’ve written in the last few days.  The cruise is not over yet – we still have Rhode Island to go.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my new friend who appeared on my pillow last night.

028 elephant towel small

More to come!

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2 Responses to “Farewell to Nova Scotia, hello Bar Harbor!”

  1. hockeyirene Says:


    I have had such fun “being with you” and the others on your tour – virtually, of course! Here I am in Edinburgh (where it is also not raining!) enjoying its culture and old parts of the city – such fun to be Elsewhere. I have also been enjoying your letter challenges.

    Thank you so much for sharing your full life with us – and a big “Hi” to John when you see him.

    In Peace,


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