Approaching Houston Quilt Festival

We’ve had some nice times in Texas so far – met some old and new friends and felt the buzz of the upcoming Quilt Festival.  There are going to be bus tours from all over the state attending the fest, so I thoroughly expect to see some familiar faces at our booth (#1314, in case you forgot!) throughout the week.

If you’re at festival, make sure you check out the Alzheimer’s Art Quilts Initiative booth. If you’re planning to buy a quilt to support Alzheimer’s research, maybe you’d like to come when I’ll be there – Thursday AND Friday at 1pm for an hour.  If I’m wearing the tiara when you buy your quilt, I’ll write a song for you on the spot about your new quilt!

I taught a couple of classes as well as the concert in Victoria TX – it was strange to be in Victoria, but not in MY Victoria! The gals did some great work.  Two were completed before the end of class and the rest were pretty close. Kitty won for being first with her Pink Elephant!

Victoria TX Mock Mola (2) small Victoria TX Mock Mola (7) smallMaureen followed up with a beautiful butterfly.  Is it a coincidence that they were sitting at the same table? Obviously they work very fast!

Maureen had also taken the half-day Notan class the day before and she has sent me her finished piece PLUS another that she made when she got home!

Both of these are 5 cuts - not an easy thing to do!

Both of these are 5 cuts – not an easy thing to do!

Maureen notan finished2

We stopped in at Joshua TX for a quick concert visit with them last night. We haven’t visited them since 2005, so there were lots of new songs and quilts to show them. They really get into the Hallowe’en thing, and provided a light supper before the meeting, complete with veggie scarecrow!

001 small


Thank you to the Johnson County Quilt Guild for the first standing ovation of this tour, and for the warm welcome.

We drove to Houston today to get ready for our load in and opening of the Quilt Festival tomorrow.  Very exciting.  Our lunch stop was in Navasota, where we met an old blues guy by the name of Mance Lipscomb. I was checking out his hot licks ….

Guitar players pop up everywhere.

Guitar players pop up everywhere.

So, we have one more good night’s sleep before we hit the ground running.  The next report will all be quilty!


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