Houston Preview Night

Booth 1314

Booth 1314

Welcome to the Houston Quilt Festival! The Preview Night was tonight, so everyone was ready for a short but fun evening. A few people dropped by the booth, and I must do some famous-quilter-spotting reporting. I took a class with Katie Pasquini Masopust in February, and was delighted to see her walk by the booth! Even more delighted to hear that she keeps my CD in her car to listen to when she drives! Katie was one of the judges of the show this year, and she said it was a lot of work, but fun.

With Katie Pasquini Masopust

With Katie Pasquini Masopust

There were people from all over, including Australia and Canada, who passed by this evening.  We’re seeing lots of people who know my music already, or who may have seen the YouTube video of “You Can Quilt That Out” about the longarmers, but not known who wrote the song.

One woman told me that her mother had died a couple of months after we visited her guild. We sang “A Quilt for Gran”, and it was the perfect song to have played at her mom’s funeral. I was very touched by this story. You never know where your music will end up….

You may know that I’m in the middle of leading a 2-year long Block of the Month with my quilt “Star and Plume”.  Tonight I met one of the BOM-ers and she got a good opportunity to see the quilt again up close and personal.

Audena is making her own version of this quilt.

Audena is making her own version of this quilt.

I haven’t had a chance to see any of the prize winners yet – I’ll be wandering over tomorrow to help out at the Alzheimer’s booth at 1pm.  If you are around the Festival and are planning to contribute to this worthy cause by buying one of these little quilts, if you do when I’m wearing the “Tiara”, I’ll compose a song on the spot for you and your new quilt!

I’ll leave you with the most entertaining booth I’ve seen yet this Festival:  the Aurifil booth.  I’m already a fan of their thread, but look at the display!  Golfing, anyone? Each “hole” is encircled with a different kind of thread.  Very clever – I expect we’ll be seeing people with golf clubs in their hands all week!

009 aurifil booth small

That’s all for tonight.  More to come.

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