Houston Day three – lots of hexagons

I haven’t had much time to see quilts or cool new items here at Houston, but I’m hoping that will change tomorrow. There were a couple of wonderful things today though.  

I’ve been following the blog of a Romanian quilter, Geta Grama, who has designed a hexagon quilt that looks like a 3-D globe lifting off the surface of the quilt.  I heard one of her large quilts was going to be here at Houston, and I looked for it.  I was not disappointed!

This is a totally flat quilt.

This is a totally flat quilt.

She sells this pattern through her website. I think I want to make one!

There’s another 3-D quilt at a vendor’s stall, which I hope I can photograph tomorrow.  It’s also amazing in a similar way.

Also in the show was this wonderful Aussie kangaroo, made entirely with hexagons!  Love this fellah.

Rose Garden by Vicki Bonhoff

Rose Garden by Vicki Bonhoff

I did another hour-long stint at the Alzheimer’s booth, and sang a LOT more songs for people than I did yesterday (remember, I only write the song for people who buy a quilt). There was even a group of red-clad teenage girls who walked by and were game enough to sing along with one of the songs!  We had a great time.  There was lots of laughter this time (sometimes I write songs that make people weep…. there’s always lots of laughter and weeping at their display).  The last quilt that was purchased while I wore the tiara wasn’t anything special. In fact, the woman who bought it said “Oh, you wouldn’t want to write a song about this one – it’s just a little quilt, nothing special.”  I told here that I ESPECIALLY wanted to write about that one, and talked her into it.  I sang her a song that was about a little quilt, nothing special, just something thrown together, not important at all. But when it joined together with all those other “little quilts” all of a sudden, it was worth a million dollars, and it changed lives.  Just a little quilt, but really important, all the same.  I’m so glad that I could finish my session by singing to Ami and everyone about essence of the whole project, through the tale of this one little quilt. I’m fairly certain that some of these videos will be uploaded on the Alzheimers Art Quilts website when Ami gets a minute.

Back at the booth: I was very happy that fellow Canadian and Houston prize-winner Kathy Wylie was there this year. She stopped by to say hello.

Kathy Wylie

Kathy Wylie

Last year I blogged about visiting the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival and standing in front of the 3rd prize winner, wondering “What do you have to do to win a first in this festival?” It was the most magnificent hexie quilt I had ever seen – bright, modern, 1/2″ hexagons with large numbers of small circles (in complimentary colours) appliqued on top. There were lots of fun other fussy-cut hexes in there too (including a lip-rosette – all six petals were fussy cut with lip fabric!). It was a master work, and I was gobsmacked, as were all the other hexaholics there.

Although the quilt didn’t win at the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival, it DID win at Paducah, and is now in the Quilt Museum there. I was so relieved that she finally won with this extremely deserving quilt.

I’ve been wanting to meet Cheryl See ever since. I met her today! A woman walked up and told me she had seen my episode on The Quilt Show from last year and promptly made TWO Notans. She loved the process and has more in her future.  She saw that I was working on my 3/8″ hexies (which has led to more interesting conversations today!) and said that her daughter had just released a book about small hexie projects.  Just as I was about to ask her name, she said “My daughter is Cheryl See”. I couldn’t believe it! 

Jackie had organized to meet Cheryl at our booth, as Cheryl was also excited to meet me! She brought her newest quilt – it will be a smaller version of her prize-winner, and it’s so spectacular already. We had a hex-in. So lovely to meet someone I admire so much!

009 Cheryl See and her new quilt small

That’s all for day three.  Whew! Now, to bed.









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6 Responses to “Houston Day three – lots of hexagons”

  1. Joy Vale Says:

    So pleased you are having a great time at Houston. But please do you have the name of Cheryl’s book. I would love to see if I can find it.

  2. Geta Says:

    Thank you for posting the picture of our quilt; I and my friends are happy to see it hanging in Houston.

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