Scatterdays – K

Well I must say this one almost daunted me! But I woke up this morning with all the categories sorted out, so here goes… TWO days early!!!

K letter

KING SIZE (from your sewing room)

I live in Victoria BC, a couple of doors away from the Cedar Hill Municipal Golf Course. Neither of us is a golfer, but there is a lovely perimeter walk on a chip trail that we use quite often, especially during blackberry season (Yum!).  At one end is a wild area called KING’S POND, where dogs have to be on-leash, and migrating ducks make their temporary homes in the winter.  I get some great birdwatching done then: lots of mallards, of course, teals, widgeons, coots, shovelers, ring neck ducks and my favourite: wood ducks!

Wood duck couple

Wood duck couple

We have been known to feed the ducks with a grain/corn mixture.  They like it a lot!

Our granddaughter with lots of friends.

Our granddaughter with lots of friends.

Kabobs, kaiser rolls, ketchup, kippers, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Kiwifruit. In my garden, I’ve grown Kohlrabi and KALE, although the recent raccoon visitor seems to really like the kale. It’s okay – I’m not home to eat it just now anyway. I LOVE kale!


My favourite way to prepare it is to take the stalk out and break it into bite-sized bits. I saute olive oil and garlic, deglaze with sherry, then throw the washed kale in, covered, for a few minutes.  YUMMY!

I wrote a song once called “A Quilt and a Kettle”, telling the story of Rachel Bond’s Oregon Trail experience.  She basically walked to Oregon from Indiana!  As she walked, she found a kettle on the side of the trail, picked it up and kept her patchwork pieces inside. As she walked, she pieced a quilt.  Here’s a picture of the actual kettle, which is still in the family.  Scott, in the middle, is in the family of Alan and Rachel Bond, and Mary Bywater Cross wrote the book about Quilts of the Oregon Trail, where I found the story. I love this story, and am so happy to have met both Mary and Scott (and to have held the kettle myself).

Kettle Cathy Scott MaryKING SIZED
I don’t make king-sized quilts.  A very dear friend asked me once to make one, and I declined.  Sorry, I just can’t fit it all under my sewing machine (and I do all my own quilting). So I don’t have ANYTHING in my sewing room that’s king-sized!  That being said, I have just purchased a king sized roll of black batting to offer my classes (it’s hard to find sometimes), so I offer this as my king-sized in my “sewing room” (the car, just now).

This will cut a lot of fat quarters!

This will cut a lot of fat quarters!

That’s it for another Scatterdays challenge.  I think there aren’t many more letters to go, and only about four of us are left doing the challenge. To find what they’ve written about, visit Cinzia’s blog, where there’s a list of who has posted on the right side of the page.

We’re still on tour. I’m teaching a class tomorrow in Sulphur, Louisiana, then we’ll be heading north for a couple of gigs in Colorado. Back to winter, soon… BRRRRR!

4 Responses to “Scatterdays – K”

  1. Vireya Says:

    I’m still puzzling over some of mine for this challenge, so I’ll be busy today looking for Ks.

    Kings Pond looks like a nice place to visit. There’s a lake near me but it is mainly full of feral domestic geese since someone dumped 4 of them there about 10 years ago. Now there are hundreds, and they don’t leave much room for the native birds.

  2. Jan Rhoades Says:

    Well done. A great post…and you’re not at home for reminders and prompts. Love those ducks.

  3. Pauline Says:

    Some very warm ‘n’ fuzzy K-stories. The ducks are wonderful….the wood duck looks so perfect and it is a real one! The kettle story is very touching…the woman must have had strong arms to carry the kettle and do the quilting. Maybe I should get one for my arm. I also like a big bunch of kale.

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