Terry’s Fabric Cottage

The cat’s name is Bobbin. The dog’s is Button. They live in Terry’s Fabric Cottage, which is in Sulphur Louisiana. I taught a Notan class for them today, and spent a very enjoyable day amid the fabric and fun.

There’s a nice selection of fabric here, TWO longarm quilt machines, and what seems like a wonderful community of quilters and friends around about.  Terry and her husband David run the shop, and they make a great team.

Here are some of the results from the class today.

043 small 042 small 032 small 025 small

Designs all on paper.

Designs all on paper.

Judy finished hers first!

Judy finished hers first!

Very cool fabric underneath.

Very cool fabric underneath Suzanne’s piece.

This is Terry with her piece.

This is Terry with her piece. I also love the pumpkin behind her (made by Suzanne)!

Terry, thanks for a totally enjoyable day with y’all!

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2 Responses to “Terry’s Fabric Cottage”

  1. Pauline Says:

    Notan is now etched on my brain. I used to do this type of activity at school with the chn but never had a name for it. Your students’ work is fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration of the fabric form.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Thanks, Pauline – the book I use that describes the technique of “expanding the square” was written in 1968 for artists. I’ve heard of lots of art teachers using this in classes to help teach positive/negative design. It’s very fun to teach this class – the students think it looks very challenging until they try it!

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