Scatterdays – G

gToday’s challenge is to find four images for the letter G under the following categories:

GREEN (in the sewing room)

In going through the alphabet this morning, I went through “Gel”, “Gut”, “Glove”, “Glands” and “Glutes” – you are NOT going to see pictures of these things – too Gross!!! Instead, I remembered what artists use to give body to their canvases before they paint on them: Gesso!


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

My mother was a keen (if not terribly Good) Golfer. She worked very hard at it, and was so excited by the game that she encouraged me to come and play with her every time I came to visit.  She lived in Victoria BC; I didn’t at the time.  Now, I live 2 doors away from the golf course where she used to play. I don’t play at all, but I remember her every time I walk around it.


Image courtesy of Tourism Tofino (which is on Vancouver Island).


What to serve for lunch? Some German sausage with Goose liver pate, topped with Giblet Gravy? And for dessert perhaps some Green Gelatin.  Sounds quite Grim to me.   But I do know one of my favourite things to eat at lunch:  Gala apples!

gala apples


I have just returned home today from our Texas tour – it was all Great, but still, I’m very happy to be home!  I’ve gone downstairs into my sewing room and pulled out my green drawer of fabrics.  It’s looking a bit thin just now, but I have bought a few new hand-dyes that I can add to it when I unpack.



With a *Grin*, I finish this Scatterdays posting. I hope I’m more inspired next time!  To see what the other Scatterdayers have done on this challenge, check out Cinzia’s blog

Till next time!


4 Responses to “Scatterdays – G”

  1. Vireya Says:

    Gala apples! I didn’t even think of them and we have a tree outside the back door.

    Welcome home from your Grand Tour!

  2. Pauline Says:

    Yes, for such an open-ended letter it was tough! However, the gala apples were great recall. Gold runs in our family too but I about 2 years ago I decided that no matter how many lessons I slog through or how much will I garner, I will NEVER be a GOLFER!
    I met ‘gesso’ this week at a printing class doing collagraphs. It is great ‘goo’. Great to see your green stash. Are you shovelling snow yet?

    • singingquilter Says:

      We’ve just gotten home from our tour – we saw snow in Alberta, but we’re back to the balmy temperatures in Victoria – about +6C just now.
      Arrgh – should have used the word Goo – another GREAT G word!

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