Scatterdays – C

We are down to the penultimate letter in our Scatterdays game.  Today we have C (a letter I like a lot, since my name starts with C)


This week’s categories are: SUNDAY, WET, ROUND, and COLOURFUL.


In my formative years as a musician I lived in Ottawa Canada.  Not only the nation’s capital city, Ottawa boasts two universities (I went to Carleton), a very historic canal that is drained for the winter so that everyone can skate on it, and a great folk music scene.  When I was there all the musicians were playing with everyone else, cross-pollinating their musical styles. We played at  lots of restaurants, benefits, concerts, and COFFEEHOUSES. The long-standing one was called the Sunday Night Hoots (short for Hootenanny). It started at Le Hibou Coffeehouse and when that establishment closed its doors, it was moved to the Jack Purcell Community Centre.  For easily ten years I could be found almost every Sunday evening at the Hoots.  It’s where we listened to 15-minute sets by all kinds of musicians, many of whom were finding their stage legs.  It was a great place to try out new songs, and Lynn Miles (who has gone on to much greater things in her music) used to write a song every Sunday and come to sing it at the Hoots that night.  Very heady times for all of us.

A much younger me with my friend Louise Kwan (now Horton). I've no idea what we might have been singing together that night.

A much younger me with my friend Louise Kwan (now Horton) at the Sunday Night Hoots coffeehouse. I’ve no idea what we might have been singing together that night. This is probably from 1979.


I’ve already mentioned the Rideau Canal in Ottawa which I’ve skated on many many times, although not for years.  But I have a better CANAL to tell you about!

In 2012 John and I did a trip to England to sing at Birmingham Quilt Festival and a few other gigs. We visited family and had a bit of time to be tourists.  John wanted to go to Ironbridge, in the heart of the Industrial Revolution. It features a cast iron bridge, which was quite amazing.  From there we drove up to Pontcysyllte, Wales (don’t ask me how to say this!), to check out the longest and highest aqueduct in Britain, built by Thomas Telford in 1795.  Not only is it still standing, but it’s still being actively used by narrow boat enthusiasts.  It’s made of cast iron as well.  Here are two views:

C Canal

The view from below – the aqueduct is 126 feet above the valley below!

What it looks like on the bridge.

What it looks like on the bridge.

We walked across the bridge on the tow path, which you see above. On the other side of the canal, there’s a sheer drop, without even a fence.  See the skipper of this narrow boat leaning over to the left as far as he can?  He was NOT AT ALL COMFORTABLE with being this high above the ground all of a sudden!


I’m going to combine these two topics in one picture. The fact is, there are SO MANY round things that start with C! Cabbages, cake, circles, clocks, cranberries, cannons, cones, cantaloupes, cheese, cents cups, curves, cylinders, cherries, coconuts, coins, cymbals, etc, etc, etc. It was hard to pick just one.

Until I found my colourful quilt, and realized it would do for both:  a COLOURFUL COMPASS that also happens to be ROUND!

C Compass


This is one of my class samples for the Mock Mola applique class I teach. It is not pieced, but done with raw-edged reverse applique.  Quick and easy, and oh-so appropriate for this challenge!

I’m sad to say there’s only one more Scatterdays letter to go. I’ve really enjoyed participating in this challenge, and I hope you have too. In two weeks I’ll be posting my Ys: BEDROOM, WINTER, HOT and YAHOO! (pleased to have finished it!) pictures. I’ll be doing this from Australia!  Maybe I’ll get to meet some of the other Scatterdayers while I’m there.

See you in a fortnight. To see what some of the others have posted, visit Cinzia’s page and see the links on the right.

5 Responses to “Scatterdays – C”

  1. Vireya Says:

    Wow! That aqueduct is amazing! And I love your colourful compass.

    Which parts of Australia will you be visiting? I think there are two Melbournians and one Sydneyite amongst the remaining Scatterdayers.

    • singingquilter Says:

      We’ll be in both places, Vireya! We’ll start and end in Sydney, and be driving through Melbourne near the end of January. Send me a note at and we’ll get in touch.

    • singingquilter Says:

      We will be in Melbourne around mid-January. We’re actually going to be doing a show in Altona while we’re there on 19th Jan. I’ve already been in touch with Pauline in Sydney about meeting her there!

      Our entire trip will include Darwin (where we lived briefly in 1999-2000), Perth, then flying to Adelaide and driving over to Sydney, where we fly on the 29th.

  2. Pauline mitchell Says:

    Thank you for the canal tips as we will be in the UK next year. Your compass quilt is great n so accurate. Thank heavens for photography and friends …they go so well together and make to memories clearer and so vivid.
    We look forward to you being in Sydney. It would be lovely to meet you both. When do you arrive?

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Pauline: We’ll be arriving on the 19th of December – staying only 10 hours in Sydney on our way to Darwin. We’ll be going into town to pick up some CDs during that time, so we likely won’t have any time to see you then. On our way out, we fly on the 29th of January in the evening. I’m not sure yet what our plans are – our friends will not be in town, and so we’ll probably stay up in Newcastle or somewhere closer the day before. There’s a chance we could meet you at some point that day.
      The compass quilt is not pieced – I layered the fabrics with the black on top and sewed a compass through all layers of the sandwich. Then I cut away the black to reveal the compass. It’s a technique I’ve been teaching for several years, and very quick and effective.

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