Scatterdays Final Installment – Y

I am sorry to say this is the last Scatterdays – we’ve run out of letters!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this little challenge – it’s led me into some interesting topics, to say the least!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them as well.

Our last letter is the penultimate letter in the alphabet (there – I’ve successfully used my favourite word – penultimate – in TWO blog posts in a row!)

The categories are: Bedroom, Winter, Hot and Yahoo (pleased to have finished something)


We have just arrived, after 5 long flights in three days which included brief stops in Shanghai (where I couldn’t get on either Facebook or this blog – they are apparently blocked in the country) and Sydney, in Darwin.  We are back in the tropics, in the Wet Season.  I love it here, and woke to the sound of Rainbow Lorikeets – one of the prettiest birds in the world, with an appalling screech that proves my theory that the more beautiful the bird, the less sweet it sounds. We are staying with our good friends Alison and Kevin, and we have a lovely view of downtown Darwin from our bedroom window.  Alison is a wonderful quilter with a great sense of colour.  My submission for a Y word in the bedroom?  Her YUMMY quilt we are sleeping under!

Alison's quilt - gorgeous!

Alison’s quilt – gorgeous!


There’s a popular saying in Canada: Don’t Eat the YELLOW Snow!  If you haven’t encountered this before, think about how yellow snow might occur – it does not fall from the sky that way, and is influenced significantly by human and animal presence.  A favourite thing for young boys to do is to leave their “mark”, as it were.  But if you’re thirsty on a snowy day in Canada, make sure you avoid popping a handful of yellow snow in your mouth! (Ewww)

yellow snow


YULE!  It’s an unusual Christmas for us – we are in Australia (just arrived in Darwin last night!) We are looking forward to having a hot Christmas – barbie on the beach with some bubbly, etc.

To get you in the Aussie Yuletide spirit, I offer the following YouTube video:

six white boomers


Something I am pleased to have finished.  Of course, this is my latest quilt.  A part of my current “Refractions” series, in preparation for my gallery show which opens February 20th at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre in Victoria BC.  I am to have 10 pieces for this show, and I’ve been working on it for the last year and a bit.  I’ve just had 3 weeks at home in between tours, and put my nose to the grindstone to make number 9 in the series.  ONE MORE TO GO!!!  I’ll be home for 2 weeks in early February, just before the show opens, and I’ll make the final quilt.  That meant I HAD to get this one done before we left for Australia.  50 hours and a bit later, here it is: Ice Diamond.

Ice Diamond, about 41 inches square

Ice Diamond, about 41 inches square

I want to thank Cinzia for the invitation to join this Scatterdays challenge.  It’s been wonderful to participate, and to read what the other Scatterdayers have been posting as well.  There are plans for us to get together with some of them on our Australian travels, during the next month in Melbourne at least.  To see what the others have done this time, visit Cinzia’s blog.

I’ll be posting occasionally about our Aussie travels.  You are welcome to join me in my journey, if only from your armchair!

12 Responses to “Scatterdays Final Installment – Y”

  1. hockeyirene Says:

    Great choices for “Y”, Cathy – love your Ice Diamond quilt! Yahoo!!! for sure! Thanks for the silly white kangaroo song – super! It sounds as though your plans for Australia include some much needed R&R for both of you. Happy Hollydays!

    Irene (in Scotland for the holidays)

  2. mlm247 Says:

    Hi Cathy. I live in the CBD in Darwin and would love to meet for a coffee and a chat. Contact me by email and then I can give you my phone number. Not going anywhere. We did a class together many years ago with Jenny Armour.

  3. Vireya Says:

    Welcome to Australia! It’s been fun joining you on the Scatterdays challenge this year.

    Ice Diamond is beautiful!

  4. Wendy Says:

    G’day Cathy – It has been a fun ride.. now I am left wondering what I am going to do with my alternate Saturdays from now on! 😉

  5. Pauline Says:

    The Maple Leaves have Landed! Hope you have a wonderful time and remember the ‘block out’. Your pic of the yellow snow hasn’t popped up! Has Australian broadband censored it???;-)
    Your new block is beautiful.Best wishes for the show.
    Hopefully, we can meet in Sydney…if it is on your itinerary.
    Happy ‘HOT’ Christmas!

  6. Vireya Says:

    The yellow snow picture is there now. Maybe it was better when I couldn’t see it!

  7. Pauline Says:

    Yes,HOT Christmas is ‘up’ and just as it happens we had a cool Christ as…raining most of the day and still going now. About 20Celsius, which is a relief from heat 30-40C earlier in the week.
    Mitchez2013 blog for Y!

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