Happy holidays!

Thank you for reading my musings in this blog.  I’m happy to hear from you and look forward to sharing new things with you over the next year.  We are flying from Darwin to Perth Australia today, and will be full-on busy with friends over Christmas.

May your season be joyful and stress-free during this time.  If you’re cold, pretend you’re with me in steamy tropical Darwin, if you’re too hot, imagine being in Canada, keeping warm before the fireplace and sipping mulled wine.  I hope you have electricity, friends and family nearby, and enough supplies to last the holiday!

There’s time enough next year to start and finish all those quilting projects that are on your list – relax, and enjoy now!

Christmas tree in Darwin

Christmas tree in Darwin

4 Responses to “Happy holidays!”

  1. Joy Vale Says:

    And a very Merry Christmas to you and John. Have a great time in Perth – I guess you’re not coming to Melbourne or Vic this trip? Love reading your blog and you did a fantastic job with the Scatterdays. Unfortunately due to some family upheaval I had to pull out, but still enjoyed reading what others did. I’m still working on hexie projects and will be taking them with me to Launceston Sqc Retreat next year.

  2. hockeyirene Says:

    Yes, Cathy,

    a Merry, Merry Christmas to you and John, down there in Aussie-land. I am on the Isle of Skye with a bunch of other folks who had no better place to be for the holidays, of which there are 3 Aussies and one New Zealander. It is fun to meet up with these folks because they are often travelling for many months, given how long it takes them to get to Europe and the UK, and they tend to be intrepid tourists, full of interesting stories!

    Enjoy your New Year!

    In Peace,


  3. Tony Suttor Says:

    Great to see you both again in Darwin. Safe travels and maybe we’ll see you some day in Canada.

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