Article in the Victoria Times-Colonist

Last week I did a very enjoyable interview with my local newspaper.  Mike Devlin was reporter and he “got” what I do immediately – I think the fact that both his mother and grandmother were active quilters had a lot to do with that!

Darren Stone, the photographer, came over and took a picture of me in my studio/guest room (sitting on the bed, playing guitar, surrounded by quilts).  It all looked good.

The paper came out yesterday morning and, alas, a major “oops” happened.  Somehow, someone transposed my name to “Cathy Smith” throughout the article!  (At least it was consistent.)  My close friends are now calling me “Ms. Smith”.  I can handle this – as long as they don’t call me late for dinner! LOL

It’s a really good article, and they have now corrected the online version to my real name.  In the paper, it was an impressive full-page article all about ME!  But it looks better online, because the picture is in colour.

You can read it yourself here:



8 Responses to “Article in the Victoria Times-Colonist”

  1. quiltlady41 Says:

    I saw that too, and decided, that maybe your husbands name is ‘Smith’, and the reporter was using your ‘married’ name… lol I knew you were Cathy Miller anyway, since you are one of my ‘bestie’s’

    Dorothy Kelly


  2. maggie owen-jones Says:

    “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet” (hope I’m quoting that correctly!) Good article!

  3. judymorningstar judymorningstar Says:

    Lovely article! They had a great subject on who / which to report!

  4. Karen O Says:

    As Homer Simpson would say, “DOH!” Serious faux pas! At least they have corrected it now. That’s hilarious!

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