Leaving home and our first gig in Roseburg Oregon

Before we boarded the ferry in Victoria to begin this tour, I had time to visit the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to see the retrospective of Carole Sabiston’s work.  She is a famous fibre artist in Victoria, and it is the first time I’ve seen so much of her work together at once.  She uses collage in fabric, and often secures her creations with a fine layer of tulle overtop to hold everything together and add texture.  Her work is stunning.  If you should be anywhere near Victoria in the next month, you need to visit this show!  It is open until April 28th.  Here is the link to find out more: http://aggv.ca/exhibitions/carole-sabiston

The start of the show.

We spent the night with friends over in Sequim (pronounced “Squim”).  Sue had taken my Mock Mola class a while ago, and look what was hanging over our bed that night!

Sue Nylander Mock Mola

Sue’s Mock Mola piece and a couple of African masks

The Umpqua River runs through this valley in southern Oregon and Roseburg is nestled on its banks amid mountains and beautiful scenery. The call themselves the “Timber Capital of the Nation”.

We performed two shows for the Umpqua Valley Quilters’ Guild here, and had a fine time!  Pam introduced us by saying they had been trying to get us to sing for them for years, and they were delighted to finally be able to present us.  We drive through this part of Oregon a lot, and we’re happy to learn of another wonderful guild in the area. They have two meetings a month,  yesterday evening and this morning, with a membership of just over 200. They also invited lots of people from the community to each meeting. We really enjoyed singing for both meetings.

Last night was a smaller group, held in the local Arts Centre. Having just left home and my own gallery show, I was delighted to see art on the walls of the meeting.  We had a lovely time with everyone – they really “got” “You Can Quilt That Out” (the single professional longarmer in the audience hadn’t heard the song before) as well as John’s “Quilter’s Husband’s Lament”.

Then we got up early this morning to sing for a much larger group at the Garden Valley church.  It was a haven of Cathys:  the first three people I met were all named Cathy! I was really impressed to see the monster quilt that they’re making this year for Block of the Month. It includes LOTS of paper piecing, and each and every quilt will be a masterpiece.  Here’s the work in progress (WIP) on the floor of the meeting:

Umqua valley quilters block of the month

Umpqua Valley quilters guild block of the month

We were set up by 9am and started singing soon after.

John all set up at the Umpqua Valley Quilters’ Guild

I love it when people tell me stories at our shows. At this guild, two people told me stories that I have already written about: The Duck Neck quilt in Skagway Alaska, and the Panguitch Quilt Walk in Utah!  I love both of these tales, and I’m happy they do too.

We headed out of town early afternoon, on our way south and west to the California coast.  On the way (when the road wasn’t too twisty) I finished off my latest two Mock Mola class samples.  These will be sent off tomorrow ahead to guilds that I’ll be teaching for on this tour.  I love making these little fat-quarter sized quilts: they’re fast and easy, but you can do so much with them!

This one's called "Tic Tac GO"

This one’s called “Tic Tac GO”

This one is "Subway Ceiling" - not a great name. I'll take suggestions!

This one is “Subway Ceiling” – not a great name. I’ll take suggestions!

The temperatures have warmed up considerably from home.  We actually saw 20C today!  Time to peel off our winter jackets and long sleeved sweaters and turn our minds to spring.  There are huge numbers of flowering trees down here and “random acts of daffodils” blooming on the side of the highways. It’s always amazing to see spring progress before your eyes on a drive like this.

We’re on our way to spend a couple of days in the San Francisco area before we start heading east. We’re hoping for some clear skies tomorrow as we drive along the California coast south to the Bay area. Our next gig is next week in Tucson Arizona. I hope I can keep updating you with regular blog posts on this tour – there are some very busy weeks coming up in April and May, but I’ll do what I can.  I’ll be teaching lots of both Mock Mola classes and Notan classes, so watch for what my students will be making soon!

Till next time…


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8 Responses to “Leaving home and our first gig in Roseburg Oregon”

  1. Fran Williams Says:

    Bwahhhh!!, how can you be in San Fran only a few weeks before we are!!!! We will actually be back in SF July NAND August and are thinking of. Side trip to Vancouver.. Are you going to be around.
    Fran from Tassie.

    • singingquilter Says:

      So near, yet so far, Fran! We are just beginning our trip and so won’t be home soon. I hope you have great weather and safe travels. Alas, we won’t see you this time…. 😦

  2. Jeanette Vincent Says:

    Umpqua Valley Quilters’ Guild membership reached 122 at this mornings meeting. Thank you Cathy for being here with us for this milestone.
    UVQG Membership Chairman

    • singingquilter Says:

      We loved our visit to Roseburg, Jeanette! So happy to be there for such an important achievement. I also can’t wait to see all the “reveals” when this year’s block of the month quilts are finished! Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

  3. Vireya Says:

    Happy trails!

  4. Sandra Hamilton Says:

    What I wanted to say was that I like your Subway Ceiling title. It even evokes the smell of steel wheels on steel rails. Enjoy the warmth. Sherwood park is still wrapped up in a cold snap. Snow blowers out as I write.

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