It’s been a busy tour so far, and it’s high time for me to let YOU know what fun we’ve been having!

We visited a very close friend in Fort Worth on our way to Houston, and she had a surprise waiting for me.  Last time we visited Martha, I had my “fractured mock mola” quilt with me (I called it “Shattered” and it was in the gallery show in Victoria).



I made it with four fat quarter sized Mock Mola pieces, using hand dyed fabrics, then I sliced them up and interspersed them using a technique I learned about in the book Fabulous Fractures by Brenda Esslinger.  I’m thinking that this might be a new class, and was happy that Martha loved this quilt and wanted to try the technique with her group. I wrote out the instructions and they gave it a go.  The day we were there was the Reveal Day!

Not all of the quilts turned out, I must say. I will be re-doing the writeup to provide pictures of the work in progress, but one of them was terrific!

Charlotte made hers with shades of grey, and finished the edges.

Charlotte made hers with shades of grey, and finished the edges with satin stitching.

I think there’s a future 2-day class for this, just working on it (and of course I’ll need permission from Brenda Esslinger)!  What do you think?

From Fort Worth, we headed down the track to Houston and a concert and class.  Before we arrived, Barbara had gotten in touch to talk about her molas from Panama, which she had collected many years ago.  I was most interested in seeing them.  She’s made a couple into pillows, and framed another couple.  They were gorgeous, and in perfect condition! I’ll be teaching a couple of hand mola classes on this trip (in Wellsboro PA and Plaistow NH).

Barbara and two of her molas

Barbara and two of her molas

Our performance at the West Houston Quilt Guild was great – they gave us an enthusiastic standing ovation!  We are selling lots of songbooks on this tour – so many that we’ve run out until we get to Ontario.  I guess we underestimated….

This is what John sees when we're doing a show.

John’s view during the West Houston show.

The next day we drove up to Cypress (we sang at that guild a few years ago), and I taught a class at Quiltworks for the guild.  It was the first time I’ve been in the shop, and I’d recommend it if you’re in the area.  As a teacher, it was a great space to work in – especially the fact that it easily fit the 20 students, and there were twice as many comfy rolly chairs as we needed.  That meant that the teacher got to sit down when she was consulting with each student!!! A rare and wonderful thing.

Mock Mola class at Quiltworks

Mock Mola class at Quiltworks

I am teaching this class a lot during this tour, but I’m never bored with it because everyone has such different ideas.  Here are a few of the beautiful pieces made that day.

FL houston mm class swirls FL Houston MM class salmon FL Houston MM class flower

It was a great visit to Houston.  We’ll be back, y’all!

Now, onward to Florida.


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2 Responses to “Texas”

  1. Joy V Says:

    What fantastic designs in your class. Love the ‘daisy'(?), but wonder what is in the centre. Did she cut this part out later?

    • singingquilter Says:

      She finished this part in class and was going to think about it – she might just leave it as it is and fill in a bit of quilting. What would you do, Joy? Sew a shape inside and cut it out?

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