Fall Tour Stop in Ottawa

We are mid-tour, and it’s going very well.  We are heading north and west now from the Peterborough area (Lindsay), and are heading towards home eventually.

Yesterday we sang a house concert for my old friend Dean Verger.  He used to run Rasputins (restaurant and folk club) and when I lived in Ottawa, I used to sing and hang out there often.  It was great to see him again.  A couple of cool things happened.

Firstly, my old friend Janet Irwin arrived.  She is the person who started this whole part of my life.  In 1991 she hired me to write music for a play about quilting, which was presented as part of Quilt Canada there.  Little did either of us know how, after 8 years, I would become a seriously addicted quilter, but also write more songs and release a CD of songs entirely about quilting!  It was SO GOOD to sing for her yesterday and have a chance to catch up on her doings. She is still directing plays, and I’m still singing and writing!

Me with Janet Irwin

Me with Janet Irwin

After the show was over, we got a few minutes to spend with Dean and Ruth to thank them for hosting the concert, and to catch up on the Ottawa folk music news. They told me how much they loved the quilt we had behind us for the show.  This quilt was on the cover of the Singing Quilter Songbook, and was inspired by my friend Rosemary Stieg in Pennsylvania who is as crazy as I am with little bits of fabric.  She taught me how to do this postage stamp pattern in 8×8″ blocks.  I pieced it in hotel rooms as we traveled several years ago.  Sometimes we show it in concert, but usually it stays at home.  My cousin has been taking care of it for the last few months in Whitby.

So when Dean and Ruth obviously fell in love with it, I decided to give it to them!

Ruth and Dean and their new quilt!

Ruth and Dean and their new quilt!

Do they look happy?

We have just finished our work in Lindsay, so now we are driving towards our next gigs in Sault Ste Marie, Dryden, Winnipeg and Neepawa.  See you there?

8 Responses to “Fall Tour Stop in Ottawa”

  1. Denise Says:

    What a lovely quilt and gestur Kathy. You heart is as large as your talent. Wasn’t that something to reconnect with your friend and inspiration. Both you ladies look happy and so glad to be together again.
    Be safe in your journey…..BTW have you started another postag stamp quilt. I hav Ben saving 1″ since I started quilting. Wondering if I started sewing them together now how big th quilt would be.
    One of your friends in Sarnia.

  2. singingquilter Says:

    Hi Denise: Now that I’ve given away the postage stamp quilt, I no longer have one in my possession. Time to start another one!!! I hope you’re using 1 1/2″ squares to start – if you start with 1″ squares that will mean each finished piece is only 1/2″ (too small for even me!). You can sew postage stamps together in blocks of 8×8, which makes them much more manageable, I think. I put dark on one side of the diagonal and light on the other, and one colour right along the diagonal line in each block, and that made a quilt that looks very like a log cabin. It worked out really well. I’ll likely do something similar for my next one.
    All the best, cathy

  3. Michelle Says:

    What a generous and WONDERFUL gift to give your friends! Now guess where I’m going to be in 2 weeks? Yokohama Quilt Week!! What a shame you’re not travelling there or we could all meet up!!

  4. singingquilter Says:

    Hi Michelle – I’d LOVE to meet you at Yokohama!!! You lucky girl. Please send comments/inspirations/thoughts about this show. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get there….

  5. singingquilter Says:

    I reckon a visit to Yokohama will get your quilting juices flowing!

  6. Kate Says:

    I believe you have a song that says we don’t sell our quilts, but we will make them for love.
    Thank you for the wonderful concert. I was on the couch at the back, at Ruth and Dean’s! It was so much fun.

  7. singingquilter Says:

    Thanks, Kate – you were sitting beside Janet Irwin, weren’t you? It was the quilt that was hanging behind us during the show.

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