One Week from Today! Packing, Packing

The bags are getting packed, the kits are all finished, we’ve amassed a bunch of door prizes, and your sewing machines await! I’m practicing the ukulele, and bringing along a bag of quilts for my show and tell for the concerts.


In one week we’ll be embarking on our 15 day dream cruise to Hawaii!

As you’re packing, remember that Hawaii no longer uses plastic bags.  If you’re planning to do some shopping, you might just throw in a cloth bag for your use there.  They’re always very handy to have anyway.

I’ve been checking the weather and it looks as if we might get some rain while we’re there – it won’t be cold, just wet, so bring along some rain gear (unless you intend to live in your bathing suit!). Rain is the reason we’ll see so many beautiful flowers in Hilo and on the other islands, and if you live in the west, this summer’s drought means you will never complain about a little rain.

What else?

I’ve decided to throw in a pair of binoculars in my suitcase, in case I happen to be within a kilometre of a whale. (No guarantee, because it will be very early in the humpback whale spotting season.)


What else do you think you’ll need for this cruise?  Leave a message in the comments below. It could be helpful for some of your fellow cruisers.

6 Responses to “One Week from Today! Packing, Packing”

  1. doggle99 Says:

    You probably won’t see whales, since we don’t really start getting them until December, but you might see sharks, mantas or various sea birds. Remember to bring sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. Even if the sun isn’t shining, UV rays are getting through and you don’t want to wreck your fun with a sunburn.

    Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing you in Hilo 🙂

  2. Jan Rhoades Says:

    Have a ball. I do wish I was coming but just not meant to be. Always want to play the uke!

  3. singingquilter Says:

    I wish you were coming too, Jan! I could be persuaded to give uke lessons to neophytes (but definitely NOT to uke players!) while on board. Next time?

  4. hockeyirene Says:

    Have a fanTAStic time, Cathy, and have fun with that ukulele – it’s just 2/3 of a guitar! I’ll be thinking of you in Hawaii while I’m on Vancouver Island.

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