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April: Notan a Day Challenge!!!

March 27, 2015

Quite a few years ago on my Facebook page, I challenged anyone who wanted to join me in a Notan-a-Day.  It’s all done on paper with scissors. We took pictures and uploaded it to the site.

A Notan design on paper.

A Notan design on paper.

It was so much fun, I wanted to do it again!

I’ve been teaching this design technique since then and everyone has such a good time with it.  It takes only a few minutes to do this because it’s all done on paper! Here are the rules:

1. Take a piece of paper, any shape (I usually find square, rectangular or triangular work best, but you can also try circles – it’s different)

2.  Fold the paper for symmetrical designs, do not fold for asymmetrical designs.

3. Cut shapes from the edges and flip them over so that the edge of the cut piece lines up with the edge of the original shape. DO NOT CUT AWAY A CORNER (or if you want to, try it and see what happens!) You should always be able to see the original shape in the finished design.


5. Take a picture. (I usually try to take it from above so that you can see the design clearly.)  Compress it so it isn’t a huge file and upload it to the Singing Quilter Facebook page. (you do have to belong to Facebook to do this).

Try to fill the negative space with cuts, and that can include multiple cuts, like the one below.

Spitfire Notan with 7 layers.

Spitfire Notan with 7 layers.

Who’s with me?  I’ll be on tour, so if I can do it, you can too!

Here’s my latest quilt, an asymmetrical Notan design. I designed this during the last Notan challenge.



The Truth is out there….

March 17, 2014

Our stop in Tucson Arizona was great.  We sang two shows to one of the largest guilds we’ve visited: the Tucson Quilters’ Guild. They have two meetings, and the smallest one was over 100. The next morning, there were closer to 200!

The morning meeting was full!

The morning meeting was full!

For the next two days I taught classes: the first was Mock Mola.  Lots of great ideas. I’m just going to put some of the pictures up here so you can see their lovely work.  You’ll notice a couple of two-colour ones, which turned out well.

Saguaro cactus

Saguaro cactus

This is not a tree, but another desert succulent - I just don't know what it's called!

This is not a tree, but another desert succulent – I just don’t know what it’s called!


Vortexes, having fun with holding it up!

The next day I taught a Notan class.  This is always great fun – we play with paper in the morning, then choose one of the designs to turn into a quilt in the afternoon, using Mock Mola applique.

On paper - I love the lines on this one.

On paper – I love the lines on this one.

Scissors and thread

Scissors and thread, and a secondary star design in the middle.

A 2-way symmetrical notan.

A 2-way symmetrical notan.

Elegant lines on this 4-way symmetrical leaves piece.

Elegant lines on this 4-way symmetrical leaves piece.

This is a completed quilt, done in class.

This is a completed quilt, done in class. Gorgeous fabric!

Another finished piece - totally symmetrical.

Another finished piece – totally symmetrical.

Another lovely fat-quarter sized quilt, all done in class.

Another lovely fat-quarter sized quilt, all done in class.

I have a dream of doing a large-ish wall hanging using Notan designs, and quilt-as-you-go technique.  When I get a minute…..

We are now driving towards our next gig at the West Houston Quilt guild this coming week. On the way, we decided to stop in Roswell New Mexico. Just because we’d never been there before, and because it’s so famous.  I figured they’d have a UFO museum there, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Live Long and Prosper!

Live Long and Prosper!

It was worth the $5 admission.  Not necessarily a museum for young folks, because there was a lot to read – testimonials of friends and neighbours of the rancher who, in 1947, found the debris from the flying saucer on his property. Military and government officials who attested that evidence was messed with and replaced, that there were 3 bodies of aliens – one of which was still moving when they found it!  It was really interesting.  Not sure I’m convinced, but that doesn’t matter.  Unfortunately, the film was not operating, so all there was to do was read.  Oh – and take pictures of the cool aliens with the UFO over their heads that lit up and SMOKED once in a while!

Take me to your leader.....

Take me to your leader…..

The exhibits had pictures of crop circles too, and had a nod to the skeptics.  It was fun – especially the gift shop (where they had golf balls, water bottles AND guitar picks with the alien face on it!).

One part that seemed quite tasteless and un-kid-appropriate was this: The Alien Life Form Autopsy Room.  (In this picture, Mom motioned for the little boy to go and stand in front, so she could take a picture of him with it! Ewwww….)

Alien Life Form Autopsy facility

Alien Life Form Autopsy Room in all its glory

And obviously they’ve been doing fundraisers in Roswell – with horses.  This one is plastered with newspaper articles about the UFOs and the “crash” in Roswell NM.  Odd, yes, but at least it’s in the right museum.

Roswell horse plastered with UFO newspaper articles

I would recommend this museum. It’s a hoot!  Next time you’re going through Roswell New Mexico.

Terry’s Fabric Cottage

November 9, 2013

The cat’s name is Bobbin. The dog’s is Button. They live in Terry’s Fabric Cottage, which is in Sulphur Louisiana. I taught a Notan class for them today, and spent a very enjoyable day amid the fabric and fun.

There’s a nice selection of fabric here, TWO longarm quilt machines, and what seems like a wonderful community of quilters and friends around about.  Terry and her husband David run the shop, and they make a great team.

Here are some of the results from the class today.

043 small 042 small 032 small 025 small

Designs all on paper.

Designs all on paper.

Judy finished hers first!

Judy finished hers first!

Very cool fabric underneath.

Very cool fabric underneath Suzanne’s piece.

This is Terry with her piece.

This is Terry with her piece. I also love the pumpkin behind her (made by Suzanne)!

Terry, thanks for a totally enjoyable day with y’all!

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