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Houston – day four

November 3, 2013

Where is the time going? The day just flew by, with so many people stopping by.  I did get out for a bit to do some shopping (hand-dyes, primarily), and to show some people some quilts.

I stopped by the Paper Pieces booth and brought along my little hexagon quilt called “Insanity” (1/4″ hexes), and my piece of the World’s Biggest Hexagon Quilt and they were very impressed. They were instrumental in getting hundreds of rosettes sent over for the WBHQ from the States; they had seen the pictures, but hadn’t seen the real quilt. My little piece was very exciting to them.  I also had my snowflake hexagon quilt with me, which isn’t finished yet.  It’s made from Cherrywood fabric and white Fairy Frost, and it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done.  I stopped by the Cherrywood Fabric booth (isn’t it lovely when all your favourite shops are in the same place??) and we found the exact shade for the outside border, so I’m finally going to be able to finish it. Tomorrow I’ll be looking for some crystals for some added bling for this quilt.  (There are LOTS of glue-on crystals vendors here this year, by the way. It’s pretty spectacular to walk by their booths!  One of them is right across the aisle from us, and it’s somewhat blinding….)

On the way back, I stopped at a Spanish booth called Apliquick. They had the most marvellous quilt hanging in their booth. I asked permission to photograph it – there was no pattern (very sad face!). I love this quilt!

This is a flat quilt.

This is a flat quilt.

If you’d like more information about this company and designer, they are here:

There were lots of visitors to the booth today – notable (especially for John) was a male bonding moment with our friend Keith Holland from Adelaide Australia, who is in Houston with his extraordinarily talented quilter/artist wife Pam. We didn’t get to see Pam, but we’ll hopefully visit with them when we’re back in Australia in January.

Keith and John, the Aussie blokes.

Keith and John, the Aussie blokes.

Our booth is just around the corner from The Quilt Show, so we are seeing Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson (and their respective partners) fairly regularly.  Here’s a picture John took of Ricky doing a presentation from their booth. There was lots of interest, of course!

006 ricky tims small

I did get out of the booth to do some quick shopping today, too.  I found some yummy hand-dyes which I’ve got big plans for. So far, that’s all I’ve bought.  What restraint!

Ah there’s still tomorrow, the last day of Festival……… I’ve got some quilts to see too!

Tired but not finished yet in Houston.

Oh – I almost forgot. Ami Sims has uploaded some of the videos she took of my writing/singing songs for people who had bought quilts while I was at the Alzheimer’s booth.  Here are a couple of the best ones.

Star and Plume Jigsaw Puzzle

February 15, 2013


Star and Plume quilt

Star and Plume quilt

You can play this puzzle too.  Here is the link:

I wonder how long it will take me to do the 300 pieces rotating?……  See you in a week or two!!!

The Quilt Show

January 23, 2013

Do you remember last summer (August) when I told you about my taping on The Quilt Show? It was a great experience, to hang out with Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, and 50 audience members (including two Canadians).  I showed them my Mock Mola Applique technique, as well as designing with Notan: Exploding the Square. John and I sang a few songs, and generally had a wonderful time.

Alex, Ricky and me!

Alex, Ricky and me!

I have just received the news that my episode 1204 is going to be broadcast on February 11th!

You can see the promo for the show here.

In honour of this very exciting news, I’ve decided to share my happiness with you.

From now until the end of February, if you order the Singing Quilter Songbook I will ship it to you for FREE
(that’s a savings of between 17%-40%, depending on where you live).

To order this and take advantage of the deal, visit the website. There are links on the main page.

This offer is only good till the end of of February, so don’t delay!

And – enjoy The Quilt Show.

The Quilt Show

August 7, 2012

Have you ever wondered how they make TV shows?  It’s not as easy as it looks.  I was invited to be on The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  This is an on-line show that they have offered since Alex’s “Simply Quilts” went off the TV air. I was looking forward to it, and nervous at the same time.

My call time was 8am.  The first thing they did was check my outfit, so Ricky and Alex could coordinate with what I was wearing.  Alex told me they go out shopping just before they do a series of shows, buying a wide range of colours so they can fit in with the guests.  As they use them, they tear off the sales tags. I suppose they only wear them once (but I could be making that up).  It sounds like an excellent reason to go shopping!

The place was buzzing by the time we arrived.  I had dropped off my quilts the day before, so they could “rest” and unkink themselves on the table.  As I brought all my demonstration stuff out, John Anderson (Alex’s husband) started putting them up on the wall behind the demo table.

Hanging my quilts on the wall

The audience arrived at about 9am.  They have seats for 50 of them, and they are selected from subscribers.  That day we even had two gals from Victoria (Canada) there, so I felt right at home!

The first 45 minutes had the audience on camera, pretending to be impressed, applauding, oohing, and generally working hard. These shots will be interspersed afterwards.

Ricky’s partner, Justin, has a headset on throughout, and he is in constant contact with the producer in the booth.  I would call this a floor manager – not sure what he calls it!  In this picture, he and John are getting audience reactions – John is offering a brand new Bernina mega-quilting machine to anyone in the audience! As if….

Then it was my turn.  The first segment is an interview with the guest.  Because I was going to sing, we decided to not do this on the comfy chairs, but to sit on higher stools, where I could play my guitar in comfort.  We talked about the quilt that inspired “My Grandfather’s Brother” song, which I brought from home, as well as how I got started with this spasm of my career.

The next segment was the demonstration of my Mock Mola applique technique.  I had decided to use “Hot and Cold” as my pattern, and Ricky helped me make it through the demo.  I did get to sew briefly on the new Bernina – wish I had had more time on it!

I started this part by singing an excerpt from “You Can Quilt That Out” to Ricky!

The next part was a demonstration of NOTAN, Exploding the Square, which I talk about in my Mock Mola classes.  It’s a very cool technique of positive/negative designs.  Alex tried her hand at it, using a piece of construction paper.  I sang “100 Ways to Hide Your Stash” to her to start.

Alex and Ricky continued by doing their “promos”, talking up the show and explaining briefly what we did, so people will want to watch it.

There was a button lady who came in to talk with them about her collection after this.  I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t hear it.  I was outside, trying to cool off.  It was a very hot day, and with the lights inside the studio (and not much air circulation), it was very warm.  The audience didn’t have that luxury, alas.  They were real troopers!

One more segment for me: the final bit, where they want to find out about my other interests.  I sent in some pictures of our travels; notably, of the trip a couple of years ago we did with “Kass”, the Mock Mola kangaroo, where we took pictures of him with iconic large road sculptures before I sent him over to England where he now lives.  Also, I talked about a carved wooden sign I made for (my) John’s daughter and S-I-L a few years ago, and that was it.  I don’t really have much of a life outside of music and quilting…..!!! LOL

The producer had a great idea for Justin’s little promo spot, using me playing my guitar while he spoke.  But it was to look like HE was playing!  Justin is tall and he had to scrunch down so I could get my arms around him – even still, it was hard to play!   I hope it looks good on the screen.

Then it was all over, save the obligatory “photo ops”.  Thank, Alex and Ricky, Justin and John (and Lilo and Shelly) for an absolutely wonderful day!  You made it all so easy for me.

They told me the plan is to get the show on this coming November.  I’ll let you know when it is available.  I can’t wait to see it!


Carol Ann Waugh

May 31, 2012

I’ve been doing some pre-planning before I tape The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson in August.  Part of my homework is reading their blog and watching shows.  My friend Ami Simms did a wonderful show for them in 2010 (and you can watch it for free) about the Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative that she has spearheaded, and, consequently, I have a much better idea about what to expect when I do my own show. It’s taped in front of a live audience, and that means it should be a LOT of fun!

On their blog today, I learned about Carol Ann Waugh, a quilt artist from Denver who works with couched threads on some of her pieces.  She also uses a technique she calls “stitch and slash”, which sounds a bit like my Mock Mola applique technique.

You MUST check out her quilts!  They are bright and fun and fantastic, and they use all those stitches your sewing machine came with that you never use!  I particularly liked her video demo of what she calls “Rattail Binding for a Quilt”.

It’s a good day, when I can learn about a new quilt artist!

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