Refractions: Mud Brush and Needle show opening

Last night we opened my first gallery show.  A year an a half ago I challenged myself and two friends to each create 10 pieces on the theme of “Refractions”.  Last night we showed the results of that challenge to the world (or, to at least 50 people!!!).  Here are a few pictures from the night.

The show will continue until March 4th at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre in Victoria BC.  Opening hours are the same as the Recreation Centre (in the same building) – meaning, usually, 6:30am to 10pm except on the weekends when it’s 8am to 9pm.

Before opening, with the food ready to serve!

Before opening, with the food ready to serve!


With my quilting and doll-making friend Linda Danielson.

With my quilting and doll-making friend Linda Danielson.

People started arriving just before 7pm.  In this picture, I’m chatting with friends.  In the foreground are Eileen McGann (in blue/green) and her partner David.  I used to sing with them both in a band called Trilogy.  Eileen is the “brush” part of this show – wonderful paintings.

Refractions Peter & Cynthia Woods Tom Croft

I met a new friend: Nancy and I have a mutual friend in Canberra – it was the first time we had met. Love how small the world is these days! We are standing in front of the last quilt in the series for me – I finished it two days before we moved into the gallery! It’s called “Eucalyptus deglupta: Rainbow Gum” – wonderful bark on this tree.

Nancy and I have a mutual friend in Canberra - it was the first time we had met.  Love how small the world is these days!

It got quite full in the room – we estimate over 50 people showed up during the 2 hour opening reception!

Refractions opening people

The couple who had the most challenge getting to the show were Donna and John – they were on the Victoria Clipper,  the big catamaran from Seattle, when it was turned back due to high seas (very windy day).  They had to travel up to the Tsawwassen (BC) ferry by bus to get to Victoria!  (Ah, the joys of living on an Island!) They made it, but only just.  Donna is a follower of my Facebook page and blog, and she has figured out how to do both Mock Mola and Notan through my comments here. She brought two of her quilts to show me!

Refractions Donna Carley and notan quilt

Donna’s stunning Notan-inspired quilt started with a rectangle, ended up as a hexagon.

Donna's Notan and Mock Mola quilts.

Donna’s Mock Mola quilt, with lots of added threadwork and top applique afterwards.

It was interesting to hear what people had to say about the work.  Everyone seemed to have a different favourite, and some people really surprised me in what they liked.  I have my favourite, as well (but I’m not telling!).

I’m very sorry that I won’t be able to bring any of these quilts to show audiences on our upcoming tour around North America. The show is closing two days after we leave…. But next time, whatever doesn’t sell will become part of my trunk show.

We’ll be going to Oregon, Texas, Florida and up the Eastern Seaboard of the US right up to Nova Scotia on this next tour.  Then across to Ontario and Wisconsin on our way home.  If you’d like further details of our travels, or to see if we’re coming anywhere near you, please check out the Touring Itineraries on my website.

All in all, it was a great evening.  Having an art opening is very different from doing a performance.  At an opening, all your work is already done – and you can even have a glass of wine at the event!  The three of us will be in the gallery during the following hours, if you’d like to come and visit. (Sorry, no wine though…..)

Sunday Feb 23: 10-12 Eileen McGann (painter)

Tuesday Feb 25: 10-12 Cathy Miller (quilter)

Thursday Feb 27: 10-12 Louise Parsons (potter)

Tuesday March 4: 10-12 Eileen McGann (painter)

Right – back to work now! I have some class samples to make before we leave!

6 Responses to “Refractions: Mud Brush and Needle show opening”

  1. quiltlady41 Says:

    those are amazing, wish I could see them in person. Dorothy Kelly


  2. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations on a great opening! Wish I could see your exhibition, it looks great.

  3. Vireya Says:

    Congratulations on the successful opening of your gallery show!

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